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Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock - Sale until 8th of June

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So, now there's a sale going on for this game and I highly recommend it, for those of you who like Fleet tactics with 3D movement.


It's basically before the series, in the First Cylon War. You can play as both the Colonials & Cylons (MP, not Campaign. Campaign is reserved for Colonial only as its a canon story I think), and utilize different Capital ships, Fighters, Munitions like Nukes, EMPs, Mines, Torps, etc. To dictate the battle and play with different tactics & play styles.


Total Biscuit review of it - "A fleet tactics game telling a canon story in the Battlestar Galactica universe. A clunky interface does little to dampen an immersive BSG experience with excellent music and aesthetic."


I've done a few recordings & streams of the game if you want to see how it looks, works and etc before buying it. And if you plan to buy it, I highly recommend getting the DLCs as they contain new ships allowing for a broader tactical availability 




Stream; playing with others outside of UO  :biggrin:



MP gameplay, me vs Vanguard. Includes both Overview & Inbuilt auto cam system




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Never watched Battlestar but the game did look fun. Is the campaign any good or is it really only fun in MP? Been looking for something like Homeworld or Nexus Jupiter Incident.

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The Campaign is fun, you try to defend 4 systems from the Cylons, doing main missions, side missions, while gaining Tyllium (Material for building and jumping) and RP (Research Points.. Duh) for getting new ships, upgrading from the standard corvette to a full fledge Battlestar, also for getting better and new types of small wing, and ammunition


Though MP is also very fun when you get a fun/good opponent, more challenging and you get to test yourself and and your fleet

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