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Combat Mission: Black Sea Tournament 6/1/18

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I've decided it would be fun to run a community tournament of Combat Mission: Black Sea. This is not sponsored by the GM office or anything like that, it's just something that I wanted to do.


The tournament will use a bracket with opponents being randomly matched.  It will be single elimination with the player that has the higher number of points at the end of the match being the winner. When the match is finished it is the responsibility of THE WINNER to report the scores on the bracket. The reported scores should be identical to the scores that each player earned at the end of their CMBS match. The winner should also have a screenshot to prove they are the victor in case the score that they report is challenged.


In order to try to get the most balanced experience possible without forcing us to play the same faction against each other, I've decided that we will do quick battles with strictly-defined parameters for each tier of the bracket. Everyone will play the same scenario on the same map, but since it will be a quick battle they will be able to choose their own units. There will be restrictions on the units that can be chosen, but those restrictions will be enforced based on the scenario.


We will start out with a tiny scenario around a company in size, then the scenarios will get progressively bigger until the championship match which will be quite large.


Timeline and Game Type:


The tournament will start on Friday 6/1/18 at 1700Z. No further sign-ups will be taken after this date.


Players will be matched together and parameters sent out around 24 hours before each tier of the tournament begins. Each tier of the tournament will last two weeks. If two players do not finish their match by 1700Z two weeks after the tier that they are participating in began, then they will be disqualified from the tournament if they cannot cite any extenuating circumstances.


The default game type will be play-by-email. However, if both players agree to it than peer-to-peer turn-based or real-time games are allowed.


How to Sign Up:


Register on http://challonge.com and then sign up for the tournament here. When a match is finished you will be able to report your score on the bracket page.


We will be running the latest version of the game, so make sure that you are on version 2.1!

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I would love to participate but unfortunately, I'll be on vacation during the first tier games.

I'll be looking forward to the next tournament, have fun!

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The tournament is starting soon so I am going to release the parameters for the first mission as well as everyone's team assignments.


The first mission will be a tiny Russia vs. Ukraine meeting engagement.


Also, I shuffled the seeds before the tournament started, so the person you are paired up with right now is your final opponent.


Here are the parameters and team assignments.

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I'm at drill this weekend so I might be a little slow at starting and finishing my first match. When do we have to finish the first round

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Alright, since everyone has finished their games I am moving the tournament onto the next stage.


The second tier will start as soon as I post this, and it will end two weeks after this was posted.


The second mission will be a small Russia vs. Ukraine meeting engagement in a town.


Here are the parameters for the second mission.


Have fun!

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These battles have been a real mess. War is hell.

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