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Ban - Sanders

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Player: Sanders

A3 PID: 9e8a07dd5bf2847a18cb60eb180c157b

TS3 ID: olGBGGBt3gB9uu9SuOc0UjZ69vQ=

Length: Permanent 

Reason:  Micspam / Racism

Processor - VPope

  • 1/3/6 Month = Major Disruptions, as above but done in an aggressive or intentional manner w/o regard to playerbase or community.

    • Personal Attacks/Racist/Sexist and other behaviors
    • MicSpamming - By guests/new users (This may be processed as perm until appeal)
User joined teamspeak and began to ask if "We like hitler", he repeatedly ask the question to where he got no reply. We asked the user to stop to which he then started saying the n word and jumping into diffrent team speak channels asking other user if they like Hitler aswell. Edited by Impulse 9

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