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Aloha all,


For the few who aren't familiar with me, a brief intro - I've been gaming with UO since it's founding in late 2010, and with the community at TG it evolved out of before that. Many here helped with my development both tactically and inter-personally, and I went on to serve 24 months as a Platoon Leader in the US Army, among a few other positions. I generally play as Squad or Platoon level leadership on the server, and have worked with other members and Regulars on several events and missions.


I've finally decided that I'd like to take a little more initiative and responsibility with the operations at UO. I've been around for a minute, and have been considering throwing my name in for Regular for a while. Deployments and an irregular schedule meant that it wasn't the right idea over the last three years, where my gameplay has been sporadic and I've been unable to maintain a presence. I'm now in a position to be more active in the community, and feel that I've demonstrated this through consistent play in leadership positions on the server.


As a regular, I'm working to start contributing with a new mission series, and assisting/developing products within UOTC. My career outside ArmA is currently studying military doctrine, with an in-depth focus on small unit tactics and troop leading procedures, and I feel that this can benefit the community through both realistic mission briefs/scenarios, and a renewed focus on brief but effective troop leading procedures and briefings within UO.


TLDR; rat would like to make WACs great again (event series?)


If you've gotten this far through the text, thanks for your time! I appreciate what this community and it's people provide.

This poll requires a 2/3 vote lasting 1 week ending on 2018/05/20.

This poll was put up at Member Request.

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Kind regards,





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No mention of changing all the call signs and the comsig, voting no.

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