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Toadball Land Rover [Removal]

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Extreme Issues with speed, No reason to keep as we have 3CB Land Rovers.

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I don't see much reason to keep the Toadball stuff around anymore, most of the content has been replaced by better RHS or 3CB content, such as the MAAWs, M16s/M4s, SR-25, the CH-47, etc. It also hasn't been updated for ages and isn't maintained anymore.

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I'd 3rd this. 


Right off the bat you've got RHS, 3CB, and most likely other small mods out there that fill the gaps if need be. 

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I'd like to mention that all of Toadball's mods combined weigh in at around 290MB.

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I do not think I have played a single mission in recent memory that uses any of Toadballs mods, ALFR is just a simple reskin of AAF units and could be replaced by an actual faction mod.


I'd like to point out that BW Kleiderkammer is 233mb and we already have the weapons: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835394852&searchtext=

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Pending Removal at this time --- Convert over to 3CB where able.

Keeping some items on server for historical rollback if needed.



The following content will be removed at this unless otherwise needed.










AFLR Units

AFLR Wheeled



ARifle AK

ARifle M16A4


LMG m249



P G17



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