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Max (Hammer 5)

AAR - FK & UO Joint-Event

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Thank you to everyone who attended. Also, special thanks to the mission makers: Gkenny & SovietPolarBear. SGT Deadly did an excellent job as a GM, thank you for that.


It was a pleasure having FK on the server to play these missions together. I really enjoyed coordinating with you guys throughout all the missions. I hope we can do a follow-on event in the future.


Mission 1 Graphics:




I'll post a write-up for 3 improves/sustains tomorrow.

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FK guys were cool. The following video is the proudest I've ever been of a subordinate of mine at UO. Great work, Zenthar.



Special shout-outs to Scharrk's prowess on the TOW amid my frantic commentary and Kingslayer's ever-gracious attitude when I got us all killed.


I hope FK come and play again. Those of them I spoke to personally were laid back but didn't begrudge anyone for taking the game seriously. Great bunch of lads.

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First of all, i wanna give a big shout out to Max from the PR Office for taking on this event. Thank you for taking this on and making something i have been wanting to do a reality. Kenny and Soviet, thank you guys for the labor of making such intricate missions (rip to grozny soviet). 


Mission 1 i found myself being the PSG for the FK platoon, we steamrolled through our assigned AO, taking moderate casualties and losing coherency. Despite the issues we faced, we were able to push on and complete our objectives.


Thanks to everyone who came out today. I had a blast. 

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Slightly disappointed the first mission was ended during a firefight but other than that event was generally fun. (except that night mission that wasn't technically part of the event)


I have a few clips I can render out later, managed to American sniper a Russian who had half his head showing and then 90deg y, y fakie no scoped someone from FK before going back to sniping the oncomming Russian assault. Who else got some decent footage? 

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I really enjoyed playing with FK, I would say they are a lot like us which made it more enjoyable.


The first mission was good, but it wasn't the best for this type of event.


The second one was a cool concept, but I wasn't surprised it didn't work.


The third wasn't a good backup, it was old and not set up for our current modpack.


 Over all the missions should have been more straight forward, they were too complicated for a community that isn't experienced with how we play.  I hope we can set up another event with FK, I will be more than willing to make a mission or assist in the making of missions.

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First Mission: 1st Plt Leader | Second Mission(backup): 2nd Plt Leader


I must say that I am typically a strong disliker of TvT in ArmA.  It's typically unbalanced, and the gunplay of ArmA is too awkward compared to competitive shooters that I grew up playing. I figured I would give this event a try however for a few reasons:

A) It was something different to what I regularly do, and would give me valuable experience in a new environment

B)The missions would be scripted rather than Zeused and therefore had less chance for gear fuckery and other stuff. 

C) A good chance to mingle with a few of my friends from UO in their own territory (with Cav constantly asking me if I was hyped for it :tongue:)



I am very glad I chose to do so.  As I was in a leadership role both times (thanks to some prodding from people in mission 2) I participated in very little gunplay which made me enjoy the experience more and focus on the more macro-scale combat.  While it took me a while to get accustomed to ACRE radios (being a first time user of more than one at a time), and I apologise for 1 Plt having no comms until a little after dismount in the first mission.  But thanks to help from Cav and Soviet I managed to work it out and went about my duties, doing what I could to round up my squads, who overall performed well given the challenge of the new environment for the 2 FK squads, and with our ball-and-chain for Soviet's squad.


Thanks again to Cav for hopping in late as my Plt SGT, made life easier by taking the radio to COY cmd.  Information flow wasn't great between myself and COY cmd however as Cav and I were separated for most of the mission (talking via SR) - so thanks to Blue and Perf for talking with me in local and also hopping on to my Platoon net to make life easier for me.


Similar situation in mission 2, where I was 2 Plt under HitTheMan.  I spent almost the entirety of the mission following around Hit, just having a friendly chat, which was great and thoroughly enjoyable.  Got to learn more about UO ArmA and add a new layer to my leading.  Am used to being the main lead element of FK missions - a Platoon leader with 6 squads + assets under them - so this was refreshingly different.


In summary, a great time where I learnt a lot and found my place in ArmA TvT.  Thanks to all those involved and the lead elements who were greatly patient with me.

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First AAR with UO so bare with me, Also my first ever Arma Milsim TvT event too


First mission


Role: Assistant RPG Gunner, Section 214


Acting as a reserve element for about 95% of the game, I never fired a single round - That's gen. 

While being a reserve and rear-guard section is needed and not necessarily a bad thing, I did find even being that far from the front our section was left out of the loop alot, in terms of our section lead understanding his orders as the passage of information seemed lackluster which left us at the section level wondering was exactly was going on anywhere within the AO. There was a time I think the whole of 1st PLT was just sitting on one road for about 30mins and many people including section leaders didn't appear to understand what was happening. (My guess is due to passage of information)

A reserve element can be used to swap out other sections who's been fighting for a while to allow them to re-org, this never happened. 

On our first contact I was the first to die and this was to a Blufor marksman which I called out multiple times to our right flank close but nobody in the section seemed to acknowledge which sucked.


I don't have a massive amount for the first mission; just that maybe trying to keep sections in the loop abit more, and maybe swapping out the reserve section eventually so others can re-org themselves when possible.


Second mission


Well we all know how that went  :laugh:

I liked the concept alot, but off the bat I could see it going wrong. 

A whole Cherno destroyed with about 100 people all fighting in one area... Arma ain't gunna like that.


The BTR that blew up at the start was me. I don't know what happened. Was told to drive so I did and next thing I knew I was on fire and the section was too.






The whole night was fun, my first proper night with UO and my first ever TvT event.

The first mission has replay-ability. It seems like one of those missions you play more often then better everyone would become at it and would adjust each time to suit a different play style, I could see different commanders making really game changing plays each time. 



Thanks to UO & FK for host and coming out for the event!

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Mission 1:




1.    Understanding vehicle limitations. It was very difficult for 2ndPlatoon to maneuver through AA John with BTRs. Two factors contributed to this. One, the tree line was dense enough to become severely restrictive terrain that caused the vehicles to flip, get stuck, or a hazard to nearby infantry.  Two, trying to navigate that terrain with AI drivers only compounded these difficulties. 

2.    Assault across Key Terrain 4. Upon approaching KT4, 214 made contact with a mk19 that resulted in multiple friendly causalities. Our platoon attempted to regroup and assault across the open ground towards the southern edge of AA Harambe, however only a few members from 215 made it across. 2 Platoon then spent considerable time regrouping and eventually leading an assault across the field to the East.

3.    Briefing/Planning Timeline. If leaders could disseminate their orders more in advance, additional planning/coordination could be accomplished. I received my platoon brief approx. 12 hours prior to event start which didn’t give me sufficient enough time to go over the material with my squad.




1.    Squad performance. Every squad member in 215 did an excellent job. I think the 90 minutes we spent rehearsing really paid off. We maintained proper spacing throughout. We managed to communicate effectively across the entire squad with only 3 x short-range radios in our squad. Our react to contact when the mk19 attacked us was perfect. We assessed the situation, realized we had to displace, and retrograded back with zero causalities – a process that we rehearsed prior to and executed flawlessly on event day.

2.    Platoon performance. It was a pleasure coordinating with Reddish’s squad (214) throughout our maneuver through Axis John. I believe that if we could have rehearsed with 216 prior to event day we would have been even better. HittheMan also did a good job keeping squad leaders informed as to how 1 platoon was progressing in their axis of advance.

3.    Tempo. Our company maintained an aggressive tempo throughout the mission. Even when 2 platoon got delayed by encountering the enemy forces around KT 4, 1 platoon kept advancing forward and engaging the enemy forces.


Event AAR’s




1.    Have some backup missions ready. Our plan for the possibility of mission 2 not working was to use an alternate version that had less objects. SGTDeadly decided to go with a new mission entirely. We should have had a few already selected. I can incorporate this into the event concept briefing next time.

2.    Slotting. We had some issues with slotting for mission 1 that caused mission start time to be delayed by about 10 minutes. In the future, I can keep more individuals in the waiting room standing by until 15 minutes prior to then sending them to where they need to be based on total people in attendance at that time and the ratio requirements. However, that will require individual to show up 15 minutes prior to so I can get the most accurate headcount. I can also work more closely with company leadership to asses how many people they require and give them a head count assessment in the event they need to change their plan.

3.    Joint-roster administration. Neil, we should have had a roster that we both could have added/removed individuals. That way we would have had the most accurate roster going into event day.




1.    Cross-Community Coordination. It was a pleasure working with Neil throughout the entire event process – from creation to execution. You were very responsive and worked very hard at the last minute to adjust for last minute drops. It was great to see and hear about the cross-community interactions as well. Everyone seemed to get along and learned from each other.

2.    Amount of individuals who volunteered for senior leadership positions. It was great to see the number of people who volunteered for platoon leader or above. Usually, it is hard to find people to fill these roles and we didn’t have that problem. The briefing materials they came up with were very good as well.

3.    Risk taking. SovietPolarBear developed a very unique mission that unfortunately didn’t pan out like we wanted. I think we need to continue to come up with bold and unique concepts like this but take a more gradual step towards implementing them. For example, we should have gone forward with the light version of mission 2 as a risk mitigation factor. Had that of worked, we could have pushed the next iteration further.

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Brief AAR for the first mission, I was 214 Squad.




  1. More pre-planning, I had to go to HitTheMan beforehand where as in previous events we at least got powerpoint FRAGOs earlier then expected.
  2. Re-testing of the mission with tank DLC update, this became a issue with the commander seat screwing up AI movement as well as riding on top being broken.
  3. To above, player drivers are important would of preferred them being more of importance.
  4. Better communication from command to squad, this was good up until the MK19 engaged 216/214 recon team, where it just kinda went out the window.
  5. A platoon SGT position to look after vehicles.
  6. People understanding better what being a 2IC in a russian squad means.

My own improves:

  1. Better communication between me and my squad, informing them about what's happening. I corrected this eventually but it became harder as I was trying to manage the 216 remnants as well.
  2. Not charging into areas occupied by friendlies :wink:
  3. Better radio comms, was a bit stressful at times.


Event Improves is this:

The missions where fine, but I felt we could of just played normal missions and had a more simple play-through, just generally playing UO's famous COs and TVTs (The unofficial second TVT on Malden was a good example). Having a complicated mission just compounded these issues:


  1. People not understanding ACRE
  2. People not understanding Russian comms (Should of done a simple US/UK mission)
  3. The choice of missions being both TVTs, I understand large scale COOPs are fickle.
  4. People not showing up
  5. Not everything was pre-slotted.

The Unofficial Second Mission I was one of the BMPs and it went a lot smoother.


tl;dr: I myself enjoyed the event but it did have faults, FK guys where good.

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Just a suggestion for the missions for events. Have an alternate version that is maybe 20 below and/or above the expected sign ups, with adjusted AO size / objectives. This way you can keep the fighting focused without having to completely create a new mission. 


Missions need to be kept simple as possible (both technical and gameplay) for the larger player counts. Having a mission fail conceptually or crash the server isn't an acceptable outcome when we have this much effort put into organizing. (This isn't a dig at Soviet for his mission, but we should take mission 2 as an example of minimizing the risk of this happening.)


Personally I don't think pre-planning a mission down to squad leaders is worth the trouble. COs for both sides can be given the mission ahead of time, and be ready to brief their platoon and company as quickly as possible to get people in game.

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I wholeheartedly concur with ThePieSpy and Yugoslav, and completely disagree with the sustain point to take more risks. The event had a failure which could have been avoided. I spoke with Soviet and lauded his interesting mission design, which I looked forward to, but I don't think this level of risk was suitable for a large event. Missions should have been kept simple for the larger counts.


The first mission to me also felt like it wasn't made to scale down from the 120 player count, which is fair enough for the mission maker, I don't mean to blame him as he was asked to make a mission at this count. However, it seems like the event didn't account for the possibility of signups being no-shows, which has historically been something that event planners have had to deal with at UO. This could have been solved, as Pie said, by having lower count backups with scaled down AOs/assets, or just by having simpler missions.


As for the third mission, the GM made the right decision to keep things going and select another mission. We don't usually play such high counted missions, so there weren't any established missions we knew that played well to roll back onto after the failure of the second mission. SgtDeadly was right to pick a mission on the spot to keep things going, its unfortunate that the mission selected didn't play well because of the nightvision update.



That all aside, the FK guys seemed like a nice bunch and tried to keep up with the way we do things, a good effort on their part despite some of them seeming a bit overwhelmed by how we do things and with ACRE. I hope some of them decide to try playing with us again.

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