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UOAF Session 331 (BMS 4.33 U5) Saturday [2018-04-28] 1800z

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UOAF Session 331 - Saturday [2018-04-28, 1800z]






UOAF ITO80s v2.2.1

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The storm which disrupted our previous attacks has passed. Syria still has firm control of the Bakaa Valley, and used this opportunity to position its forces and initiate a massive armored counter-attack. Our drones in the vicinity have identified at least 3 armored battalions on the move from the south of the valley. Intelligence reports their intent is to push South and West to capture Ziporen Hart Site.






Air interdiction, destroy as many main battle tanks as possible vicinity Valley Alpha and disrupt the counter attack
















Package 8347  (UOAF)


1. 4xF-14A, USS Vinson

  • "GhostRider"
  • Sweep along the length of the FLOT/ roam where needed


2. 4xF-16A, 117th, Ramat David

  • "Scout 1" 
  • Push ahead of the main strike package and hunt for 2xSA-9 and Shilka
  • Mavericks/cluster bombs


3. 4xF-16A - Escort Strike Package from Sde Dov to Valley Alpha

  • "Slick 1"


4. 8xF-16A - Main Sde Dov Strike Package

  • "Turkey1"
  • "Vulture 1"
  • Mk-20d
  • Coordinate, seek and destroy armor in Valley Alpha



Supporting Elements


1. F-15C/D, 133rd, Tel Nof - set up high level barcaps along the eastern and north FLOT


2. Kfir, 101st, Hatzor - fly ambush patrols at low level






  • Draw line at PNP Base, South is Valley Alpha/ North of line is Valley Bravo. Bravo is no-fly zone, extremely high SA-6 threat
  • Scout 1 take off from Ramat David 40 miles ahead of the strike package. Find and destroy the two SA-9 and shilkas to increase survivability of strike package. Thence operate as FAC for Turkey-Vulture.
  • Sde Dov element marshal at steer 3 (Sea of Galilee), establish comms with Scout
  • Suggest Turkey-Vulture attack using 30 degree profile, auto-ripple cluster munitions. Flight lead discretion.
  • Turkey-Vulture PRIORITY TARGET: T-62 TANKS
  • Try to catch Enemy Armor in the desert portion of the Valley Alpha for maximum visibility.















Ground Threats



- SA-9 - Syrians have a small number of these high threat SHORADS recently acquired from the Soviets. x2 Embedded with select armored battalions. Very high value target.




- Shilka - x2 at least with each armored battalion. Extremely dangerous AAA with 2nm range


- SA-2 - Do not flow east of Eastern FLOT into Syria. High SA-2 threat


- Manpads - South of Valley Alpha




Air Threats



- All enemy airbases operating at 100%. Expect continued large packages of 8+ aircraft from the East and Northeast.


- Su-17/20/22 fighter-bombers escorted by MiG-23 and MiG-21







Package Order/Communications/TACAN


1. Scout1 - Flight VHF1, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 11X/74X

2. Vulture1 - Flight VHF2, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 12X/75X

3. Turkey1 - Flight VHF3, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 13X/76X

4. Slick1 - Flight VHF4, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 14X/77X

5. GhostRider - Flight VHF5, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 15X/78X






Synopsis:  Storm dissipated, light winds generally from the west, sky clear or scattered cumulus 12,000'



1200 Local




1300 Local




USS Vinson




Ramat David




Sde Dov











Event Checklist

Minimum Competencies


Meeshun JIPand is on Poh-da-gorsk

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Reminder to players: Download ITO80s v2.2.1


If you already have v2.2, download the small patch for v2.2.1





UOAF Event 330 we used v2.0, if you still have this you will need to do a complete reinstall to v2.2.1




If in doubt of what to do, simply delete your old ITO80s folder, download ITO v2.2.1 in full and install.

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