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Max (Hammer 5)

Unofficial Team/Squad Leader Course

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Hey everyone. In order to support the upcoming event, I’d like to run some team/leader squad leader courses. Intent would be to cover some of the basics of maneuver and to introduce/rehearse some fire team/squad battle drills.


Dates would be 22 APR as well as 28/29 APR assuming there is interest. For specific times I’m open to recommendations based on when people could attend.


Location would be training server and we’ll be using the multi-purpose range complex. We’ll also have vehicles such as btr’s and hmmwv (event vehicles) that could be integrated but that would occur only after a team/squad conducts the initial training.


I can run a single fire team or squad at a time. Length of time is approx 60 minutes. We also have enough land for teams to rehearse on their own after.


If you are interested, please respond here with what date/time is best and I’ll work a schedule around it.

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Sunday April 22 or Sunday April 29 at 1800z or after work for me. I think a squad leader course might be best if you only want to do one at a time because then 2 other people can practice being a fireteam leader even if they aren't the main focus. 

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I'd be up for it, it'd be the first time ever since I joined (2013) that I'll be taking a course, so Squad Leader ship and above(PL, COY) would be perfect.

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Max, SRV2 is booked to UOTC stuff between 1700z - 2000z 22-Apr-2018.

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Thanks for the heads up. We'll adjust the start time for this accordingly.



For tomorrow (22 APR), let's shoot for a start time of 2100z. I think we will have enough personnel to facilitate team level training. Hopefully we get 2-3 more participants and we can run a squad level training. I’d like to prioritize individuals who will be attending the event and after completion of the range, we can assign those individual to event slots.


As a side, if you normally slot as a riflemen, auto-rifle or grenadier this training is very valuable as well. It will help you understand what your roles & responsibilities are within a fireteam during a battle drill.

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