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Max (Hammer 5)

ArmA 3 - UO & FK TVT Event [2018-05-05] 1800z

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Please join us for a cross-community event with FK Arma. We will be hosting this event on UO's primary server.

We will be playing 2 x missions. Total event duration is between 2-4 hours.

Sign-up here:

Current Roster:



Brief Concept of Missions


Mission 1: US motorized (HMMWV) recon platoon conducts delaying actions in order to screen friendly battalion main body. One Russian forward security element for a BTR regiment conducts movement to contact in order to destroy enemy recon forces.

Terrain: 4km North of Chernogorsk


Mission 2: Russian motorized infantry company (BTR) with armor (Shilka) section conducts deliberate attack onto the rebel defended town of Grozny (Chernogorsk). Rebels must attrit enemy forces in order to decrease the enemy’s will to fight.

Terrain: Chernogorsk


Event Timeline & Mission Rules:


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Im glad to see the hard work that myself (who spent a long time over at FK building relations with their managers and the community at large), the hard work of Max for putting this together and the work of SovietPolarBear and Gkenny who slaved on their missions for days is finally being shown to the community at large here in UO. 


Filled my dudes, im super pumped for this shit

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