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TVT30 Fuck Off We're Full v2

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Mission name does not adhere to naming conventions.
Add time limit.
Enable medical variables for blufor, we have surgical kits and personal aid kits, but cannot use them.
For civilians that are captured and brought to the detention center, you should score for blufor and TP them back to civ spawn so they can keep playing. Not sure if this is implemented, I only played blufor. vise versa for sanctuary.
Add GPS to blufor, rules say blufor cannot enter 'mexico', make it easier for them to tell here the border is so they can't jump into mexico and detain people.
Clear ROE required on killing civilians who are non-compliant needed.
Maybe add ACE NVGs to blufor, they are quite shit and can add to the atmosphere.

Add more tires to the inventory of the trucks.

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