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AAR - Operation Road Warrior Part 2

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I am in the process of writing my AAR. I'll post that and the event feedback results tomorrow.


I'd like to hear the perspective of Red 1, 2, 3, & 4 on Mission 1 as to what occurred on SBF 1 A/B. 

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From BLUFOR Mortar SL: 


Overall it went as good as it could considering I only had 1 other guy (thank you Starfox) in Mission 3 and myself in Mission 4.


Mission 1: we moved to a different fire position than planned, which placed us in a better relative to other elements to deliver faster rounds. Engaged ridge line with an ATGM team, then fired 2 linear smoke missions, but from comms, it sounds like they were called too early and friendlies advanced without concealment, we were out of smoke at that point. Enemy mortars were far enough to not be a concern aside from one round when we exposed ourselves on the ridge. We displaced, but got Armad by a rock and Humvee flew 100ft in the air and blew up.


Mission 2: I was sole element on far West flank. Engaged enemy observer 2km North with WP and HE, then some time later, spotter units 500m NW of my in the closest town, dropped what WP/HE I had in my backpack and went to resupply, on return, I heard vehicles close, called Red 4 to try to talk him on, but sounded like he didn't have LOS on them, yet they were engaging. I retreated to town, shot some WP/HE at my own position and around the ridge until AGS that was shooting everything got me.

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This was a great event! I hope everyone had fun.


First, let me give thanks to the mission makers and content creators. They put countless hours into making this happen.








Second, thank you to Arma Coop Corps. It was great having you guys for both Part 1 and Part 2. You were all very professional, knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasure to have on the server. I hope we can continue to work together in the future.


Event AAR

Sustain: Mission Performance. With every iteration of this event, we continue to refine the mission making process so as to produce a stable mission that is capable of running with 80+ players. I look forward to expanding the team and working with them on adding new features, operational concepts, and locations.


Improve: Sign-Up/Roster/Slotting. One of the persistent improves based on user-feedback is actions on the slotting screen. During this event, we had several people show up who did not sign-up and bypassed the check-in process. This caused the anticipated player count to be off and distorted the ratios. As a result, individuals had to de-slot and it delayed the event start.


In the future, individuals who do not sign-up and fail to check in will be asked to leave the primary and wait in the waiting room in line with everyone else. Failure to adhere will result in sitting the mission out.


Mission 1 AAR

Reference Military Turtle’s Video:





1.) Coordinating CO/Platoon Tactical Mission Tasks. As a community we need to train/practice platoon/company level tactical mission tasks more often. Coordinating the effective fire and maneuver of 7 x M2A2 and 4 x infantry squads with indirect fire systems requires a great deal of both planning and rehearsal.


2.) Squad Formations and actions on short-halt. [6:00 mark on video] Squad leaders and team leaders should be enforcing proper squad formations – to include individual spacing based on enemy capabilities and terrain. While at the TAA/Assault Position I observed 2 x 60mm rounds impact 300m away from a bunched up infantry squad and none of them reacted appropriately as they continued to stand around talking. It shouldn’t require a squad leader from 2 positions over, to spot correct a squad for spacing.


3.) Indirect Fire Planning. [25:00 mark on video] I think we shot AB0021 (Linear Smoke) far too early. As a result, we didn’t have adequate concealment from the enemy’s direct fire weapon systems as we assaulted onto the objective. In the future, the time it takes infantry to maneuver that great of a distance should be considered so as to prevent firing the indirect missions too early. Also, linking a fire mission with a given platoon action – such as crossing a phase line – may have helped to coordinate this type of execution.




*I’ll post tomorrow.

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We as Arma Coop Corps thank you for inviting us, it was a pleasure to take part in OP Road Warrior. We should definitely stay in contact and continue to work together in the future.


I must say that I had a great fun participating in such a big event, so let me say my thanks to all people involved in making it happen:

Please click in here to get a proper background







and all the people involved in testing and helping them reaching the goal, such as whole UO management team, mission testers, admins.

You guys did a hell of a job in bringing foundations for best experience in Arma. I don't even know how many hours you had to spend on this event, but I know one thing - it was worth it!


Event technical AAR


  1. Invitation e-mail with all the informations about the event is just more than good.
  2. Mission pre-planning
    • It's almost necessary to have OPORD about a week or at least 5 days prior to the event, to prepare people for upcoming tasks. All mission's OPORDs were written very good - this is something great you should keep doing.
  3. Missions itself were made extremely good, there are no words to add - brilliant job!
    • About improves there are only cosmetic's suggestions
  4. Communication before, during and after the event
    • If I had any issue or problem regarding the event i could ask/talk to everyone from list above and they would help me.
  5. None of the "stick in the ass"
    • Everyone is super friendly like everyone is having great time here and this is the point!


  1. Mission making stuff:
    • Add RTO slots at least to platoons to help PLs maintain command & control within platoons.
      • Because of how ACRE works - there should be a rule that a player/leader of any element (FT/SQ/PLT) can have only 2 radios. We have been working with this rule for a long time and it's proven working. More than 2 radios is just too much.
    • For future scenarios like this consider replacing M2A2 with M2A3.
      • It'd be a lot of easier to operate with AIs because of the turret's indicator.
    • In mission 2 it would be good to mark obstacles such as barbed wire
      • Defending team had some problems to find proper paths inside the town.
    • Consider making hard AO for both teams.
      • It doesn't have to represent actual AO of the operation but just highlights the area where you can expect enemy players.
  2. Proper ending of such an event.
    • PT1 didn't have that one, like we've ended mission 2 and literally didn't know what to do because of all the other people started to playing normal session - we didn't know like "is this the end?".
    • PT2 had a better ending 

Mission 1 AAR


  1. Overall plan of the attack was good.
    • I'm not sure/ don't remember if we had any javelin teams.
  2. The idea with 1SG coordinating both platoons in field was good:
    • I was mostly relying on what 1SG was saying, he indeed helped develop the attack further.
  3. Good reaction to contact:
    • As the location of enemy was shouted over the radio the mortars immediately send rounds on that position.


  1. We should better handle radio comms:
    • The good idea is to designate or attach RTOs at least to platoons to help PLs maintain command & control within platoon.
    • Clear the company net of all unnecessary elements, establish alternative comms-net between mortars and reconnaissance teams, so the coy-net is free for use for actual assault elements or attach FO teams to Plt HQ with alt comms-net.
    • We should send more clear, concise, concrete messages over the radio.
  2. We should informing each other (I mean key leaders positions) about changes in planning.
    • At the beginning 1 Red PL split up his M2A2s into section for both SBF 1A/B, the information about this change didn't reach 1SG and me (2 White PL), the decision was good but it should be said over the radio.
  3. Good idea might be to designate specific players (officer/NCO) to handle specific company asset.
    • There shouldn't be any (multitasking) person taking care of too many things.
  4. We could use some code-word for the attack (for example like japanese "Tora! Tora! Tora!" when they attacked on Pearl Harbor).
    • It could help coordinate attack initiation.
  5. "No plan survives contact with the enemy."
    • As an assault element we (2 White Platoon included) should move faster through the Attack Axis Jeremy.
      • We stopped in the vicinity of CP2 to regroup, but it was enough time for the enemy to maneuver his forces accordingly to our avenue of approach, which resulted in forming up a choke point at our entry sector into the town.
    • Maybe we should develop earlier some alternative back-up plan after first signs that initial attack is a failure.
  6. It seemed like all of our senior officers (including myself) fell into tunnel vision.
    • From what I know it seems like at least one enemy ATGM team /or BMP was outside of the AO to the east. - We weren't even considering that the enemy could be outside of the AO/EA, maybe the "fictional" SBF DOG (OBJ Rifles) which was to the east of our position fooled us.
    • As a 2 White platoon we failed to properly initiate the attack by Attack Axis Jeremy.
      • 2 White platoon left the assembly area almost through SBF 1B (exactly it's eastern side, because of the AO marked on map) which was a high-ground - it could spoil our direction of attack.

Mission 2 AAR


  1. Flexibility
    • After some people left the game we were able to maintain our assets, such as Javelins.
  2. Morale
    • Despite the difficult conditions we still managed to inflict some casualties on the enemy team.
    • Quigon MVP.


  1. Planning
    • The overall planning with delaying enemy forces was good, but we didn't properly use our terrain capabilities.
    • We could use half of our forces (single fire teams from squads) to actually get eyes at the enemy avenue of approach. I personally forgot to highlight this to our CO after ending first mission.
  2. Javelins
    • They managed to destroy one of the enemy BMPs, but they didn't change their position after firing first javelin so enemy was able to direct his mortar exactly on their position.
    • We could split up our javelins into 2x teams so they would be more harder for enemy to actually spot them and we could cover more ground.
  3. Now when I think this through - our positions were wrongly assigned:
    • like Red 7 was only 5 ppl and it was securing the largest sector.
      • As a PL I could intervene but didn't see it that way during the mission, so note for future better understanding and proper management squads based on their ability to fulfill their tasks.
  4. We as a whole defending force (mainly my 1 Red Platoon) should be more mobile.
    • 1 Red platoon failed to properly form up choke points and set up ambushes.
    • Maintain better situational awareness and develop plan further accordingly to enemy movement.
    • Better organizing the chain of command which would result in less confusion after the PL's death.

Last word

We have that comfort that we can talk about our mistakes and try to make it better next time, in real life situation our friends and some of us would be dead or seriously injured by now. I don't know how you guys tend to play Arma, we as Arma Coop Corps are trying to simulate as much as we can and as arma itself is allowing us, otherwise it would be just another casual game. If a player value virtual "life" it changes how he handles things in field during missions. I would also thank all players and all leaders who participated in both missions - everyone did a great job, we will get them next time!


See you in the field!


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Thank you for the extensive AAR. This type of feedback is critical for us to continue to develop events that are more successful than the previous one.


I'll continue to keep up communications with you for future events!

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Guest UTGFreeman

Hi to all! I am sorry if my post is in a wrong topic, but I'm new here and would like to ask some questions.


I play Arma 3 in UTG (http://tacticalgaming.kiev.ua/). Some years ago we have an event UO vs. UTG (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH7gVAc97LE).


1. How often do you play Arma 3? Looking in your calendar I haven't found any recent events.

2. It seems that I am unable to join your A3 sessions due to difference in time (my current time is 07:25z). But actually I would like to. Are you interested in joint session with UTG? Could someone from HQ message me?


P.S. I'm not very good in English, so sorry for this (I'm from Russia).

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1. How often do you play Arma 3? Looking in your calendar I haven't found any recent events.

2. It seems that I am unable to join your A3 sessions due to difference in time (my current time is 07:25z). But actually I would like to. Are you interested in joint session with UTG? Could someone from HQ message me?



1. We play more than the organised events. Usually most weekends the primary will be populated (Friday/Saturday) with the off chance of playing Sunday.

2. What time Zulu are you available? 1800Z is usually when the ball starts rolling and most people start joining but there may be people on before it. The server is open 24/7 technically so you can jump on whenever assuming there are others who want to play also.

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