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Max (Hammer 5)

ArmA 3 - Operation Road Warrior PT 2 [2018-02-24] 2000z

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Sign-up Info:


Step 1: Go HERE and fill out the sign-up form.



Event & Mission Info:

We are very pleased to announce that ARMA Coop Corps will be joining us for this event.

Squad Leader and above will be pre-slotted for this event. Senior leaders (platoon and above) are expected to develop a briefing and issue that briefing 1 week prior to event day.

Please review the flyer below for additional event & mission details.




Expected Event Duration: 3-5 hours

Please plan accordingly.


Event timeline:

2000z: Roll Call and slotting (we'll try and get this done early if possible, please try to show up motivated and on time).

2015zExpected step-off into briefing.


See you on the battlefield.



Rehearsal Information:

None scheduled at this time.


Current Roster:


I will be updating this over the next few days. The intent with this current version is to slot squad leader and above based upon the submitted requests and mission requirements. If you are not slotted but have signed up, please reach out to slotted leadership and request slots. Once I hear from a squad leader or above to slot someone I will make every effort to do so.


Advanced Vehicle Repair (FRAGO 2):



GM Timeline:


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