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SCP: Secret Laboratory

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Now, some may have heard or this or have seen a lot of UO regs and members play this game.

It's a fun 'horror' game where players either play as 3 factions,

Faction 1: Scientists or NTF (Nine-Tailed-Fox), Scientists objective is to escape the facility, while the NTF tries to rescue the Scientists while killing everybody else.
Faction 2: D-classes or Chaos Insurgency, D-classes are lab-rats who has escaped, whose objective is to escape the facility, while the Chaos Insurgency tries to rescue the D-classes while killing everybody else.

Faction 3: SCPs, SCPs are the monsters/anomalies who has been captures by the company behind the lab, to study them. Their objective is to just kill everybody (And scare the living F... out of them).


Here's a video I recorded/live streamed 4 days ago for those who want to see us cry.



And thanks to VPope, we now have 2 Dedicated servers for the game, here are the IPs and names.


[uK]Dedicated Servers Hosted
S1 IP: gs01.subach.co.uk
S2 IP: gs01.subach.co.uk:7778

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Called an elevator up only to discover that a literal horde of player-controlled zombies were riding it.


10/10 would get spooped again


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