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My name is Connor and I was wondering if there was anybody on the forums that is willing to give up any of their time to teach me on how to make missions in Arma 3. For some time I have wanted to be able to do this, and feel the time to learn is now as I would like to put something into UO and think that mission making is a key skill needed in such a community.


If you cant give up your time, a link to a good guide or a video that helped you start making missions would be greatly appreciated.




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Hey man, most missions here use Olsen framework which makes it really easy to make missions. There is also a neat guide to make your own mission https://github.com/dklollol/Olsen-Framework-Arma-3/wiki/Making-your-first-mission


If you have any problems, you can also hop onto the UO discord and find the mission making channel and post in there for help. Also lots of people who chill in barracks know how to make missions so dont be afraid to pop in and ask.

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Just want to let you know that mission making will be very rewarding at times and at others absolutely crushing.  But don't let that stop you.  If you need any help check out our discord channel and mission making forum section for help.  Also many people on the teamspeak can help you out.  Also message me or seek me out on teamspeak if you need any help.

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As an alternative to jumping into this using frameworks:


When I first got into mission making back in A2 it helped me a lot to grab working, yet simple mission from the server (that did not use any framework) and did some reverse engineering. Taking a look at the code and files needed to make a simple mission work helped me a lot to get my first mission done. This method might work well if you want to truly understand what's going on when making a mission and what the framework eventually simplifies for you.


Might be a rather steep learning curve at the end, but once you got it you can expand your knowledge to perfect your mission.


One thing that in my opinion often gets overlooked in these kind of threads is the mission design. Regardless of all the technical aspects and knowledge needed, mission design is also a critical skill to have. The scenario should be reasonable. It should make sense. Enemy placements have a huge impact on gameplay. Place fewer enemies but place them logical and try to anticipate the players movement later, but keep it realistic. Knowing a bit about SOPs and proper tactics will help to create a scenario that looks reasonable and realistic. Randomly placing enemies in buildings and behind vantage points that would require the enemy to have more knowledge that they would have in that situation often "ruins" the experience for me personally.


Best thing is to get hand on and play around a lot in the editor. Takes some time to get really into it, but as stated above, can be very rewarding. Just make sure you have fun doing it and that you try to make missions that you like a lot. Will help to stay motivated.

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