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Add GKenny as a Regular?  

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Hello members of UO!


My name is Gkenny and I currently am an undergraduate student in the Eastern US. I have been part of the UO community for about a year and a half now. I have thought of becoming a regular for a while now, and recently I have reached a point in my life where I can both financially contribute to the server and dedicate the time necessary to fulfill the duties of the position.


In my time here at UO, I have heavily contributed to the community in many aspects, including:

1.Creating numerous high quality large and small player count missions,

2.Assisting with event mission creation and planning,

3.Offering support to various other mission makers within the UO community to create, improve and fix their missions,

4.Contributing to Olsen’s framework by providing gear script loadouts, troubleshooting and testing bugs and fixes with Blackhawk and Perfk.


Those who know me also know that I always put forward my best effort on the primary server, and that I am not afraid to help out new players in our community get settled to the UO style of gameplay which keeps me coming back week after week.


As a Regular, I hope to expand my abilities to assist in event creation and planning to bring more events to UO, and to be able to participate in voting discussions and policy changes as they arise.

In summary, I believe that as a Regular I can continue and expand my ability to provide high quality content and gameplay for the players here at UO, through creating more events and missions.




This poll was put up at user request.

This poll requires a 2/3 vote lasting one week, ending on 2017-11-11.

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