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Onward VR?

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Hey all,


Do any of the VR headset owners here play Onward or want to give it a try?  If you're not familiar with it, it's a Milsim game for VR, comparable to early versions of America's Army.  Doesn't have nearly the depth or variety that Arma 3 has, but is over the top with the immersion factor given the VR nature of the game.


It does require a VR headset and appropriate controllers, so there's only niche appeal at the moment, though it is one of the more enjoyable and replayable VR experiences out there.  Small team on team combat with objectives, and gameplay that utilizes the best of what VR can offer.  Gunplay, reloading, grenades, and manipulation of other equipment is all done by various hand movements, so it's quite an experience.  For instance, reloading a M249 requires flipping open the cover mechanism, feeding in the belt from the magazine, closing the cover and then racking the bolt.  I suspect most of you with VR setups have probably heard of this game or own it.


Anyway, I was looking for a few folks to play with, so if you're set up to play this and want to team up, respond to this thread or shoot me a PM!

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I know that Zedic and Myself own this as well as possibly Emerald, Nikov & Centron. I am unsure if there are a few others that have this already.


Well, if anyone wants to give it a try and play a bit more tactically than your average pub, I'm game!


I have it, but I only have 2 detectors, I would need to get a third one to achieve a full 360 degree coverage.


If you're using the rift, there is an experimental roomscale 2-sensor mode, you could give it a try without dropping extra dough.  I have a friend who plays Onward with it and he hasn't had too many complaints.


I have it. Let me know on Steam whenever.


Sure, I'll add you.


This weekend is a free Onward weekend, so it's a great opportunity for other headset owners to give it a try if they're interested!

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roughly 600 dollars spare

The only things holding me back from VR are floor space and finance. Had a great time derping around with it at the pope lan.

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Right now it's geared towards the trigger happy semi-realism crowd so it's more like hardcore COD than Arma. But throwing grenades in VR is way better than hitting "G".

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Itching to give this more of a try in a team setting. 


They just came out with Evac mode, which as I understand provides an objective (think "Get to da chopper!") while faced with an AI onslaught.  I've heard it's pretty good and would love to give it a try.  They've also recently added maps to the Operations (vs AI) game modes.  I haven't worked up to trying versus, but would have fun with it with a buddy to play with.


Anyone that's interested can add me on steam - same name as here, you can't miss it.


Can stream it for anyone who is interested as well.

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