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Delay AI from combat at mission start

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I'm trying to keep AI on opposing sides to start shooting at each other as soon as the mission starts. I started off with a simple:

group setCombatMode "BLUE";
sleep 60;
group setCombatMode "RED";

in each group's init box, but it apparently isn't quite that simple. I'm using Olsen's and I don't know exactly the right place to put this type of script in .sqf files if not in units' init boxes. 

Any suggestions for a code that works as efficiently as possible?

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also tried

this setCombatMode "BLUE";
waitUntil {time >= 60};
this setCombatMode "RED";

but a million different slices return "generic expression error"

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if (local this) then {group this setCombatMode "BLUE"; [{group _this setCombatMode "RED";}, this, 60] call CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute;};

Put this code in group leader's init field.


Code from init field is ran in unscheduled environment, so using commands like waitUntil or sleep will produce errors.

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Do keep in mind the AI sometimes sees combatMode as a minor hurdle on its way to fuck up everything you've worked hard to do, so test it thoroughly. For instance, fire if fired upon is a fantasy at best.

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