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CEEST - Continually Expanding European Style Terrain

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Continually Expanding European Style Terrain




Required + modpack







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What is CEEST?


CEEST is a non specific European terrain that will grow with time. I will keep on expanding the size of the playable area with updates at least once a month.

The terrain is not particular to one region of Europe, allowing MM to craft their mission to what ever region they would like.


The initial playable area is a little over 9km^2. i intend to add about 1 square KM per month and keep on improving my workflow and my own assets as i go on. I did this because it is the way that i work best.

For now the map leans heavily on previously created content but i plan on introducing seem of my own content over time. Particularly trees in the forest.


What is required?

- Apex expansion

- Open chernarus project

PLP urban barriers

- CUP (in modpack)

- PLP containers (in modpack)

-MBG Buildings (in modpack




Suggestions are always welcome. Just PM me.

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Update 1


-Added  ~3 sq KM ot the NW part of playable zone.

-Reduced size of mod pack

-Redone forest with increased performance of about 5 FPS on my system.

-Fixed forest grass model to contrast less

-Fixed town lighting

-Fixed clutter grid loading




Additional notes for mod as a whole

-Playable area is in the NW of map.

-I do not intend to finish the entire 40x40 area, thats only to give me room to expand where i want to.

-Playable area is marked by a rock wall surrounding it. Can be seen on map.

-Wheat fields are noticed by darker fields on map. If you zoom in you can see green dot pattern in the field to indicate it is tall wheat. Light/white colored fields are hay bales.

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Update 3


Pretty big update



-Added ~8 sq KM to the SW. This is a bit more open terrain for combined/vehicular warfare.

--Includes two towns and 4 rural homes/farms

-Reworked forest grass.

-Switched to Tanoa trees




Progress Pic


Pic One


Pic Two


Pic Three


Pic Four

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