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ArmA 3 - UO At ArmA Finland Event [2017-09-09] 1700Z

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Hello everyone!


AFI Op Pink Mist organizer here.


Just to let you guys know that we´ve started a thread for the event on our forums. We´ll update it with new information as often as possible. There´s also a small event Teaser for you to enjoy. ;)




Hope to see as many of you as possible on the battlefield! Cheers! :)


- JoneKone

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Hello again! 


A friendly reminder! :) AFI test server is up and running so feel free to test the mods whenever you want (server checks them when connecting).


Server: a3.armafinland.fi // port: 2202 // p_w: kotka
- jonekone

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Hi again!


Thank you all for the event yesterday! Too bad Arma didn´t want to cooperate with the first mission. Very frustrating indeed. We´re trying to figure out what happened and see to it that it doesn´t happen again (already have some ideas). 


I´m going to add media from the event to this thread as they pop up.  If you have any interesting material, feel free to PM me or link them here. 




- JoneKonee / AFI

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