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Videos/ACMI/Pics from UOAF

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Yes, this was your mission. We fought a few German planes, flew back and rearmed, and then went hunting for the train.


Are trains only Russian, or can the Germans have trains as well? Since we were flying Russian aircraft, the train we attacked was considered friendly. Not a big deal, but it would be nice if the train nationality is the opposite of the attackers. Or maybe have the German train operate on a different railway?


Your training mission is really good and is an excellent way for us to introduce new players to the sim!

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At the moment there is only one Russian train for the German players but I can easily add one for the Russians (it's just a copy paste in the editor and a change of nationality)


By the way the actual train will respawn after a few minutes if it reaches is destination or if it is destroyed

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UOAF DCS #001: Element 2 in the CAP tangles with mig21s. Mr. Magoo's got nothing on us.


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Still processing, but Force's absolutely tremendous ATC talk-on during pitch black ops

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Didn’t had much time to upload my event videos for some weeks so I have 5 of them to edit and upload

Here is the first one, event 333 five weeks ago


I’ll upload the other ones as soon as I can

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Some photos from DCS 004


View on final to target






Incoming rounds during bombing run








View on egress from target, with some lovely shacks from Neuro







Force being helpful and brakechecking me while looking for battle damage







My excellent landing attitude








And the battle damage Force helpfully didn't point out







Video to follow when I can be assed to edit it

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