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[COMPLETED]UOTC: Familiarization Course [2017-06-25] 2300Z

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Course: Familiarization Course Instructor: Gusy Date: Sunday, 2017-06-25 Time: 2300Z Prerequisites: Properly installed & Synchronized addons. Maximum Participants: 24 [/table]
[table] What: The Familiarization Course is designed to get participants accustomed the United Operations ArmA mil-sim experience. Participants will be familiarized with basic functionality of ACE3, ACRE² and UO modifications, their basic roles and duties as member of a fire team and the behavioral standards applicable to the UO Primary. Why: To ensure participants have minimum theoretical knowledge and practical experience to successfully participate on the UO Primary as a member of a Fire Team. Where: Training Server 1 (SRV2), Teamspeak. Remarks: N/A Sign-Up: Nickname (ingame/ts) [/table]
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