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Arma 3 - Operation Blood & Sand [2017-06-03] @ 1900Z

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After a wildly successful playtest with BG21 two weeks prior, we've been reinvited to spearhead the main event.

This event will be a single mission, capped at 120 players, 50 slots allocated to UO, and expected to be entirely full.

We, UO, will be playing as the Americans in a mission set on rescuing two pilots and destroying an attacking insurgent force.


Event Info:
-Read everything-
After a wildly successful playtest with BG21 two weeks prior, we've been reinvited to spearhead the main event.


We'll be playing as American Forces, fighting Middle Eastern Insurgents (information bellow).


This is the second event of the two with BG21, this event, being the main mission, will be significantly longer than the previous mission.
We'll be going over to the BG21 TeamSpeak and Arma 3 server to play one of the missions they have created for us.
We will be using ACRE, unlike the previous event.
There's also going to be a small server related mod that will need to be downloaded if you haven't played in the previous event.
The mod list will be as follows:

Modpack Arma3Sync URL: ftp://repository.battlegroup21.com/autoconfig

Select the modest labeled: [bG21] Saturday Games






(Our versions of the mods with the exception of ACE will work on their server.)




Expected Event Duration: 2-3 hours
Please plan accordingly.
Event timeline:
1800z: Muster/Roll Call @ UO TS
1830z: Expected step off onto the BG21 servers.
1900z: Event Start
Sign-up Info:
Step 1: Read all the info above
Step 2: Go HERE and fill out the sign-up form.
Step 3: In this thread, post that you've filled out the form.


Mission Info:


Situation: A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was shot down over the town of Rasman. The exact position of the wreck and its survivors is unknown. American Forces have sent a QRF to seize critical chokepoints and conduct rescue operations.

Friendly forces: 50x American Forces played by United Operations & 16th AA. 


Enemy Forces: 70x Middle Eastern Insurgents, played by BG21 and a few other French Clans.


American Forces Mission: Capture the two marked strategic zones if unable to save the pilots. 1 point/zone

Insurgent Forces Mission: Find and kill the US pilots and fight the American Invaders. 2 Points, 1 point/zone held


Area of Operations: 


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Completed. Hey they're finally using ACRE. Now TFAR can't break our CO's comms.

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Hello there !


After a full week working on the last Iron Front update, I will finish loadouts, provide rosters and launch the test mission tomorow ASAP.

We're currently running ACRE2 dev 962, which bug fixes a lot vehicles racks.


see you around :)

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Test server is running, don't hesitate to report any issue you may encounter.

Between now and tomorrow I will add Radio racks to US vehicles  :ph34r:

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