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Arma 3 - United Operations vs Battlegroup 21 [2017-05-20] 1900Z

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I would like to go but it looks like I'll be on vacation that day or coming back from I'll update either way letting you know.

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excited ill be able to understand the enemy somewhat this time

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now thats a NICE meme


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Questions about this event:


  1.  Why are we, the larger community, going over to another community's server to "play test". Wouldn't it make sense to teach 20 people to use ACRE than ~50 people to use TFAR. 
  2. What are we "playtesting". Their servers ability to handle more than 30 people? A PRO's ability to make a 3rd train wreck of an event this year? 
  3. What is their mission structure, will this be another Russian event where their mission is entirely stacked against us. 
  4. What is this second event you plan on doing?

Their community is so small we could bring them to this server on a normal play date and experience everything we would in this event but with less hassle and problems on our part.

Hello sir, i'm one of the persons in charge of these events, and i would like to answer some of your justified questions :


1- It's not only the BG21 [20 peoples], other french teams are involved and will come to the event, and most of them will be using TFAR as their main radio mod, therefore, we thought best to do this event with TFAR.

2- Because 100 players PvP can be quite ressource demanding, server and client-side, considering the FPS loss caused by RHS units and the player charge, we want to know how far we can push this, and assure all players will have a comfortable experience during the events.

3-I don't know about that, but i assure you the mission is quite balanced.

4-This first event is here to push the server, to assure things will go smoothly, and to possibly increase the player-count. ArmA can be tricky. Make no mistake, i genuinely understand your remarks, but a test is necessary, even if this ''test'' will play more or less like a real mission.


I'll give the briefing and repositories to Headshot this afternoon,

I thank you again for your interest and remarks.


See you on the Battlefield !

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I wont be able to attend this night, i have unexpected guests at home :(

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