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ArmA 3 - WAC Double Feature Event #1 [2017-05-13] 1800Z

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Starting this month, United Operations will be hosting a series of small scale events based on

Beta's WAC campaign recently ported to ArmA 3 by community member TinFoilHate.

Slots are limited so get in early!

More info and sign-ups: HERE

Click here to view the article

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Sign-up Info:


Step 1: Go HERE and fill out the sign-up form.

Step 2: In this thread, post that you've filled out the form.


Mission Info:


Both Missions are on Chernarus


Mission 1: CO37 Tikhaya


Description: Canadian forces attack Kamenka and an ASR nearby.


Mission 2: CO37 Balota Hills


Description: Canadian forces hunt for mortar teams near two objectives.


Because both missions have the same slot list, player slots will be consistent for the duration of the event.

There is a special exception made for the platoon driver if no one volunteers for that position, the driver will be chosen at random and will switch with another player for mission two. 


Expected Event Duration: 3-5 hours

Please plan accordingly.


Event timeline:

1800z: Roll Call and slotting (we'll try and get this done early if possible, please try to show up early).

1815z: Expected step-off into briefing.


See you on the battlefield.




Slotlist made, Please respond to your PM if you can't make it to the event.



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Filled out.

If no mortars, I can drive and I just realized I may have not selected it, but am willing to do both missions, only if no mortar slots are present.

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