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Operation Vanguard Medical Refresher [2017-04-22] 2000Z

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Please take note of the following information:

  • This is NOT a UOTC official course!
  • This course does not qualify for any tags!
  • Be in the custom training channel 15 minutes prior to the session!
  • If we end up being short on ingame slots, personell with a medical role in OP Vanguard are prioritised!



Anyone is welcome to join this session!

The only ingame limit is the available slots in the SRV2 Famil Course mission (using this as it has a working ZEUS integration)

If there are more participants than slots you still will be able to follow the session by listening.




Planned are 3 parts.


Part 1: (interesting for all roles of OP Vanguard) 10 Min

  • ACE3 basics (theory)
  • Reactions to Casualty (theory)
  • Basic First Aid Procedures (theory)

Part 2: (interesting for all roles of OP Vanguard) 20 Min

  • A player controlled simulation of reactions to casualty (pratical)
  • Participants will be grouped into groups of 4 individuals
  • I will assign/ask a player of each group to be the initial leader
  • Groups will selftrain until they are satisfied with their RTC performance
  • I will teleport to groups having questions or answer via 148

After this we will do a 5 minute BIO


Part 3: (interesting for medical roles [Medic, Paramedic, CLS/CFR] & PSGs / 1SGs) 15-20 Min

  • Advanced Casualty Care (ACE3 Med [advanced information]) (theory)
  • Casualty Evacuation Procedures (theory)
  • MEDEVAC Procedures (theory)

After the session I will stay available for question ~30min



Session material link is handed out 5 min prior to session start to all participants.




Kind regards


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Thanks to all who attended.

Session was way way longer than I expected. I made some bad mistakes with the planning.

I will transfer the material to the wiki over the next 1-2 weeks.


KR Pax and again my apologies for the extend of the session.

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