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Ban - Matty93

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Player: Matty93

A3 PID: 


Length: 24 Hours

Reason: Negligent use of asset resulting in death of entire friendly squad

Processor: Impulse 9


The user was the gunner of a BMD4 behind a friendly section moving down the road at mission start. Enemy infantry and transport vehicle were spotted down the road.

Matty without care for his surroundings and friendlies engaged the enemy with his 100mm HEFrag striking the tree in front of his vehicle wiping out the entire squad at mission start.

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I heavily apologise for what I did. explaining what I did. i was looking down the asr watching for contact then seen enemy vehicle approaching and ask the driver of my vehicle to move slightly forward as i didn't have clear sight afterwards i processed to fire main cannon which unfortunately hit a nearby tree killing a squad of friendlies. then militaryturtle then asked to fire autocannon not main cannon. did not hear anything from him prior to firing main cannon as we has communication issues inside our vehicle from mission start. this does not completely cover my actions as i should have been aware of my surrounding and will be aware in the future. I'm deeply sorry and it wont happen again.

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