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United Operations Air Force Office (AFO)

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The key services the Air Force Office (AFO) offers to the community are as follows:
  1. Manage UOAF servers for community use.
  2. Promote and moderate flight simulation events.
  3. Organize fight simulation participation.
  4. Manage training material on the UO wiki.
The AFO accomplishes its objectives through two delegate groups:
  1. The Event Fragging Team, who create, promote and coordinate events and pickup flights.
  2. The Instructor Pilots, who develop and host training sessions to improve the quality of our members.
Oversight, direction, guidance, and responsibility falls on the AFO officers: Gusy, DarkFib3r. Responsibilities include ensuring continuity of weekly flight simulation events, assisting with mission fragging and training as required, and ensuring the wiki is maintained. AFO officers also ensure participant conduct is in compliance with the UO Charter and relevant Community SOPs.
The backbone of UOAF is its roster members. These players represent the core values of UOAF and act as role models for our guests. They are expected to be flight commander capable, possess a high degree of competence in flight simulation, and maintain a good reputation and behavior.


UOAF roster members
  • Krause
  • Force_Majeure
  • Ghostdog 
  • DarkFib3r 
  • Domestos 
  • Hellhound 
  • Neuro 
  • Brainling 
  • Gusy 
  • Bawki 
  • Flukey 
  • Scope 
  • Gasman 
  • Foxy 
  • Nebojsa 
  • Nighthawk
  • Wh1t3b0Y
  • Neyu
  • Cruiser
  • Chrisreb
  • bs1
  • Abelian
  • Starfury
  • Oirien


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Mission Frag Team BMS

  • Brainling
  • DarkFib3r
  • Domestos
  • Foxy
  • Gusy
  • Nebosja
  • Neuro
  • Nighthawk
  • Wh1t3b0y

Mission Frag Team DCS

  • Brainling
  • Foxy
  • Nighthawk
  • Abelian

UOAF Frag Team SOPs

BMS Frag Team

A UOAF BMS frag team member will…

1. Be an approved player by the AFO.
2. Create weekly Saturday events.
3. Create a mission that requires teamwork to progress the campaign towards a win.
    a. Roll the campaign clock forward 1 hour at a minimum before creating the frag.
    b. Create frags that are exclusively cooperative.
    c. Frag missions for at least 20 players.
    d. Include at least 80% of F-16 aircraft in missions.
    e. Loadouts must be realistic to the airframe and the mission.
    f. Do not require air-to-air refueling for the successful completion of an event mission.
    g. Allow for at least 20 minutes of lead time for the first player aircraft to take off.
    h. Create a single server flight that loads in one minute before the players do.
    i. Stagger flight takeoffs of player aircraft by one minute.
    j. Always ensure an AWACS package is created and on patrol for the duration of the event, as the theater permits.
    k. Additional supporting AI assets (e.g. CAP, ECM) are at mission makers discretion.
    l. Adding OPFOR packages to make an unchallenging mission more challenging is allowed.
    m. Weather is at the discretion of the mission makers.
    n. Carrier operations are at the discretion of the mission maker.
4. Communicate events to the community.
    a. Create event posts on the UOAF forums. Posts will include a map and a brief outline of plan and intent, at a minimum, and will follow the standard event post format.
    b. Post the event on the forums ideally with 3-5 days of lead time.
    c. Communications, TACAN, and PRF codes will all be in package order and posted in the forum event post.
5. Manage the event mission files.
    a. All fragged mission saves will have PRE after their event number and saved to the UOAF drive.
    b. After an event, the mission will be saved, compressed and uploaded to the UOAF Drive with event number followed by POST.
6. Be assigned the responsibility to create the event mission.
    a. Every week a frag team member will be assigned responsibility for creating the frag. Assistance is welcomed.
    b. Mission fragging responsibilities will rotate among frag team members on a weekly basis.
    c. Mission fragger will have final say on mission intent and purpose and UOAF players will respect and support the mission maker by trying to make their mission succeed.

DCS Frag Team

The DCS Frag Team is a UOAF delegate office consisting of an appointed leader and Frag Team members. The purpose of the DCS Frag Team is to generate content for UOAF DCS events in terms of mission generation and event management.

  1. The DCS Frag Team leader is a UOAF member chosen by the AFO. His or her responsibilities include coordinating the efforts of the DCS Frag Team for DCS events and running DCS events. If unable to attend a DCS event, the DCS Frag Team leader will appoint a proxy in his or her place. If no proxy has been established at least 24 hours before an event, the AFO will choose a temporary replacement.
  2. All DCS events will have an event leader in accordance with the DCS SOP’s. The default event leader will be the DCS Frag Team leader.
  3. All DCS missions will be designed with a game master in mind. A game master can serve as a JTAC, REDFOR or BLUFOR commander, or both. This requirement can be waived if scripting will sufficiently replace the gameplay features of the game master. The authority for this waiver is vested in the AFO and DCS Frag Team leader.
  4. A UOAF DCS mod pack will be established and maintained. The AFO will be the final authority figure for mods in the UOAF DCS mod pack. The DCS Frag Team leader will be familiar with the modpack and coordinate with mod contributors. Mods will strive to be simple and effective quality of life improvements for gameplay. Mods will be publicly accessible.
  5. Missions will be developed to be scalable and will use a variety of aircraft, when able.
  6. If required, players can re-land and rearm and refuel at a friendly airbase, as the mission dictates. Respawning is at event leader’s discretion.
  7. Create event posts on the UOAF forums. Posts will include a map and a brief outline of plan and intent, at a minimum, and will follow the standard event post format.
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UOAF Standard Operation Procedures(SOPs)


1.0 Gameplay SOPs

1.1 The chain of command will be respected and enforced at all times. Leadership consists of a Package Commander, a Flight Leader, and an Element Leader.

1.2 Under no circumstance will pilots be able to edit their load outs, it is lead's (#1) or element lead's (#3)'s decision to do so and theirs only.

1.3 Under no circumstance will pilots except Lead(#1) or the Package Commander change steer points in the 2D planner.

1.4 Under no circumstance will pilots edit or move ground troops without notifying or consulting a second party of their action.

1.5 Comms integrity will be maintained at all times and without exception.

1.6 Discipline will be maintained in the air and without exception.

1.7 Wingmen will follow their leads' orders and aircraft at all times and will respond to all directives appropriately. Failure to do so will result in a kick or ban from the community. Countermanding orders will lead to decisive disciplinary action.

1.8 Flights will function within their assigned roles and flight plans as part of the package at all times and without exception.


2.0 UOAF Event SOPs

2.1 Event moderator's are UOAF Regulars who ensure events run smoothly.

  2.1.1 The event moderator will handle any conflicts as fairly as possible.

  2.1.2 All players will follow the directions of the event moderator/s.

2.2 UOAF events are open to all members of the UO community who consider themselves ready.

  2.2.1 New players flying their first event will be required to have flown on a pickup flight with a player that has flown past events. This SOP can be overridden at event moderator's discretion.

2.3 Members of the UO community that wish to attend a UOAF event must RSVP on the event’s calendar post.

  2.3.1 Players can request slots or flights, but these will ultimately be decided on by the event moderator.

  2.3.2 RSVP priority will be as follows: Roster members, UO Regulars, UO Donors, Old Guest, New Guest.

  2.3.3 Contested slots will be decided by the event moderator.

2.4 Players will show up on time with all hardware and installations ready to go.

2.5 Players will indicate unforeseen tardiness or absence in the event thread on the forum.


3.0 UOAF Pickup SOPs

3.1 Players are welcome to create and run pickup flights outside of main events.

3.2 Players can join or create a pickup flight by asking in discord, teamspeak, or the forums.

3.3 Players are expected to follow flight standards laid out in 1.0 Gameplay SOPs.


4.0 UOAF Roster SOPs

4.1 Roster members are expected to be flight commander capable, possess a high degree of competence in flight simulation, and maintain a good reputation and behavior.

4.2 Roster members are governed by the AFO.

4.3 Roster members are expected to take flight leader and element leader positions during flights.

4.4 Roster members who are creating event missions will be subject to DCS and BMS frag guidelines.


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