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Ban - Scope

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Player: Scope
A3 PID: ab0249b83a8565e096cd5eb9bc017532
TS3 ID: nkUSisuOosWFH5MsHq6lqW98LOQ=
Length: 1 Month Time Served

Reason: Intentional Game Disruption, hostile behavior towards player base, attempted intentional teamkilling, changing to enemy uniform, deliberate game disruption  

Processor: Headshot


During a playthrough of Insurgency, Scope changed to a Taliban/enemy uniform and began to engage friendly units in firefights as reported by OriginalPancake and confirmed by Delta38, Walsh and Scope himself. 


Edit by Headshot:

Length and Processor

Edited by HeadShot
included Scope as confirmation

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To call this intentional game disruption is a farce. During a playthrough of Insurgency, I suggested to the commanding officer (Delta38) that I act as an insurgent to increase squad situational awareness and potentially improve gameplay and coordination in the server. During this discussion, everyone else on the server was present, and no one voiced any opposition to this suggestion. I made a point at every opportunity to remind the server that this was taking place, what its overall objectives were (increasing tactical coordination and organization on the server), and also offered anyone at anytime to halt the experiment by simply asking. I asked the CO repeatedly whether this was having a positive effect on the cohesion of the server population, and was working hand-in-hand with him at all times to avoid players becoming uncomfortable or annoyed. I made repeated attempts to notify JIPs and new players, that this was going on.


Anyone that has played with me for a reasonable amount of time knows that, above all, I look forward to increasing the tactical discipline and forward-thinking that UO promotes as the norm. To call this intentional game disruption is a hilarious misdirection as to what was actually going on on the server. The processing Regular has a history of insulting me both to my face and behind my back, and I can't for any reason think that this is more than petty mud-slinging, and a ridiculous misappropriation of the intended use of this section of the Charter.

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If you are going to attempt some ad-hoc training, do it on the training server. You aren't a UOTC instructor, and if you are interested "teaching" -- contact Azzwort the UOTC Officer.

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Okay, fine, message received. But to ban me for a month for trying to improve the quality of play on the server? I did it in the absolute most straight-forward, courteous way I possibly could have. Calling it intentional game disruption is so far off mark as to be ludicrous. You damn well know me better than that.

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Did you change to an enemy uniform? Did you fire at "friendlies"? If so you broke the rules regardless of intent, and this is a pretty cut and dry ban. Just take it and learn. 

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From a cursory glance, and review can you tell me how any of this is wrong or which parts I am misunderstanding?


Intentional Disruption. Primary Server - JIP Mission People coming and going, that are not aware of your "training".

Many of whom may or may not even want this sort of experience since they are joining the primary server for missions and gameplay.


Hostile Attitude/Stance towards playerbase - Not from your perspective I am sure, but the manner and location which you were using was inappropriate for the primary server for this sort of training.

I can only assume that the hostile attitude argument is based on the ban being processed itself?


Attempted Intentional Teamkills...

Was anyone injured by this adhoc training? Regardless of if people were injured you were shooting at your teammates in the above situation.

From an administrative standpoint, we don't and cant tolerate that and allow that to happen in general gameplay as a defense for "training".

One person's training becomes the next person's defense for their actions that may or may not be done in a "helpful" manner.


Use of Enemy Uniform - Enemy Assets

A CO Can not say that it is "okay" to break charter and gameserver SOP. Except in the very few instances where there are clauses for specific equipment use.

This does not appear to be be any of those. AdHoc training is not a defense nor allowed in a TVT manner on a CoOp Mission.

If this was a TVT mission, where the players knew and expected to be attacked by an opposing side, not their own, there could be some margin for this defense.


Deliberate Disruption ... repeat of intentional - holds no weight to ban since it is already stated.

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@Impulse 9: Clarifying your post point-by-point.


JIPs were made aware on multiple occasions what was happening, with the express point being that if anyone disagreed with that methodology to speak up and we'd cease immediately. I did my absolute best to refrain from any activities that would constitute negligent disruption. Obviously from the replies here my intentions were not in line with the Charter or expected behaviors, and as a result I apologize for my actions. I maintain that my intent was absolutely not disruption of the server, even though that's ultimately how it was perceived.


I have no idea about "hostile attitude/stance towards player base". I'm sorry if my demeanor came off as anything but attempting to be helpful and courteous. I'm not a hostile person, I don't conduct myself in a hostile manner at UO and I don't believe I acted in a hostile manner last night.


Attempted intentional teamkills. Understood regarding your points. Obviously my intent was not in the spirit of griefing or maliciousness, but according to the Charter and the mission being played I can't argue your point.


Use of enemy uniform. Understood. From a technical standpoint, all of the gear I accessed was from the Virtual Arsenal that every Insurgency player has access to at the main base. From a more common sense perspective, I absolutely was wearing "enemy assets". Obviously I was not aware that a CO cannot okay that usage, supported by the playerbase, but ignorance is not an excuse.


Deliberate disruption. I can only say that I felt my actions were conducted in a manner respectful to all of the players present in the server to the best of my knowledge. I'm sorry that A) it seems to have not been perceived as such by at least one individual playing, and B) that it violates the exact wording of the Charter.


I obviously have no intention of doing this in the future. I was under the hope that doing something like this with the consent of the participants would be acceptable under the UO Charter, but have been very mistaken in that hope. To whoever was aggrieved by my actions last night I can only offer a heartfelt apology for disrupting your play session.

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