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Multiple Time Period in the Modpack

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With the recent reveal of the Westwall WW2 mod and the continuing development of the Unsung Vietnam mod i have thought about the idea of adding these time periods into the main mod-pack.

I think it would be really nice to be able to switch around time periods from mission to mission. It would also keep the server from getting too stale from the constant American vs Russian modern day missions.


Right now the Westwall mod looks to be pretty lightweight. Th unsung Vietnam mod will be heavier but will come with more maps and units. 


What are your thought on this?

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Not in the primary modpack. In general most if not all of these mods has changed base gameplay functionality by their inclusion.


Ideally we would have ACE manage gameplay settings, and let the mods only present a visual and model basis for functionality.

Unless it can be guaranteed that any of these mods to not redefine classes and overwrite base gameplay systems then it could be considered.


At present RHS even redefines gameplay functions that traditionally were handled by systems such as ACE. While I see no reason we cant include time period mods, they would have to be strongly considered and inspected before they can be added.

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I would greatly support addition of Unsung Vietnam Mod. Many great conflicts where happening at that time, not only vietnam, but generally in Asia, Africa and South America. 

Especially the addtion of slower fixed wing Air support assets would be nice.

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