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I need a crash course in the basics

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I am a total noob when it comes to military comms lingo, discipline, tactics, the works.  Do I learn it by playing or do I have to be trained?

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The best thing to do is attend a UOTC: Familiarization Course. There is one happening tomorrow at 2300z, if you can make it, I would recommend signing up: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/27725-uotc-familiarization-course-2017-02-26-2300z/


When hopping onto the primary, the best thing to do is to slot as a rifleman and let your FT (fire team) leader know you are new, this will allow him to walk you through somethings while the mission is taking place.


You can possibly ask someone to give you a run-down, or ask them to help you learn some stuff on a private server, but the recommended thing would be doing a Familiarization Course.


After sometime, if you feel a bit more confident, you can slot into specialized slots like the following: Grenadier, AT, Auto-rifleman. These slots are not really hard, but just take things at your own pace. One of the major things to remember is to only do things you feel confident doing.

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Watch this video and then jump on the server and have fun.


If you need to set up your stuff check out United Operations Quick Start Guide

If you still need help wait in the Help and Support (Read Channel) on Team speak and someone will help you.


But watch the video BEFORE you hop on the server.  It is only 6min.

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