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Ban - Hundfan

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Player: Hundfan

A3 PID: 12d0515d6ce786f3a3dc91eb453d723a

TS3 ID: KlqDgx4OFpFWg/eZWXxrDJReTZc=

Length: Permanent 

Reason: 4.1.2. Failure to Adapt from previous bans

Intentional teamkilling,





Previous Bans:






Edited by Impulse 9
Added SOPs

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Ban was posted an upheld as a result of the long history of previous bans and the users failure to make changes to their attitude despite them. While it is not common practice to push bans based on information outside of 24 hours this is yet further evidence that the user will not change their behavior to the standards that we expect despite prior warnings.


Hundfan is welcome to post his thoughts on the matter, if there is no reply then the ban wil stand.

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