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Luiz Silveira LOA - mid Feb until who knows

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As I had mentioned in my regular poll in October, my personal situation was a bit... Precarious. Unfortunately push has come to shove.


Next week I'll have to move and I won't manage to bring the desktop computer with me. That'll mean no gaming for a while. I'm not sure for how long this situation is going to last but it'll be at least a few months. After that, who knows. I may manage to come back, or to have the computer shipped to me, or something. 


I'll have my laptop with me so it's likely I'll keep in touch via forums/discord.


I'll also try to play a bit this weekend but that depends on how the packing will go.


As for my missions: I have already talked to and authorized both Perfk and Blackhawk to edit them, fix them if they break, that kind of thing. 


Big thanks for all the friendship and good times. I'll miss you lot. Again.

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