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Antistasi Mission Editing Discussion

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I'm currently looking into modifying the Antistasi mission Maffa mentioned in this thread:




So far, I've altered the various military vehicles to utilize RHS vehicles.



My second task I figure, is to change over the infantry dudes of the AAF, CSAT, and NATO to something more suited to our modpack.


They likely will become CDF, Russians, and some sort of USAF amalgamation.


Still sort of trying to figure out probable FIA replacement dudes too. Maybe Syndicat or Gendarmarie.



My third task will likely be to transfer it over to the various islands, probably Tanoa first to see how it goes.

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uh... as far as i know antistasi automatically substitues vanilla with RHS as soon as it detectes the mod. it's fully RHS compliant. if you try and load it with rhs on a message will appear and ask if you want to use RHS units, then it'll change vanilla with VDV MDV and Us Army units


what it lacks is full ACE compatibility. as it is now it only interfaces with medical and thats it, loading the full mod will break the game. 

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Ok, an update on Antistasi.


i spoke with a guy in he inside of Antistasi which confirmed me that in fact it has full ACE compatibility, and it  a required mod on the official server.


The real beef is with TFAR. Radios are fundamental to use High Command and to issue orders around to friendly AIs in general, and as of now, there's no ACRE compatibility, and as far as i know there are several game breaking issue by trying to use it (as in not being capable to take radios, etc).


There would be the need to write ACRE inside the game, and link the radio related game mechanics to ACRE's own radios. I have NO IDEA whatsoever of the amount of the work to be done. 



The mission is -for lack of better words- beautiful. It's the best FPS experience i have ever had in the last years not only with Arma but in general, and the best SP since modded Skyrim. If you ask me -it's worth it. I would like to write on the mission maker's own forum to ask for it, if it's okay with you guys.

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Any updates? I've been playing this mods solo. It is fantastic. Would be a great seeder/persistent campaign! Something that small groups can really have fun with.

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