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Editing RHS Mi-8 Pylons

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The following code should allow for mission makers to interchange rocket, upk, and fab pylons. Additionally, it is plausible that the Mi-24, Apache, and Supercobra can be edited similarly however due to having a pilot and gunner difficulties emerge.



FNC_PylonSwap = {
	private ["_unit"];

	_unit = _this;
	//Removing Weapons

	_unit removeMagazinesTurret ["rhs_mag_s8_40",[-1]]; //Removes S8KOM Ammo
	_unit removeWeaponTurret ["rhs_weap_s8",[-1]]; //Removes S8KOM Weapon
	_unit removeMagazine "rhs_mag_s8_40"; //Removes S8KOM Visually

	/* FABs
	_unit removeMagazinesTurret ["rhs_mag_fab250_2",[-1]]; //Removes FAB250 Ammo
	_unit removeWeaponTurret ["rhs_weap_fab250",[-1]]; //Removes FAB250 Weapon
	_unit removeMagazine "rhs_mag_fab250_2"; //Removes FAB250 Visually
	/* UPK
	_unit removeMagazinesTurret ["rhs_mag_AM23_500",[-1]]; //Removes Gsh23 Ammo
	_unit removeWeaponTurret ["RHS_Weap_GSh23Lx2",[-1]]; //Removes Gsh23 Weapon
	_unit removeMagazine "rhs_mag_upk23_pod"; //Removes Gsh23 Visually 
	//Adding Weapons
	/* Rockets
	_unit addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_s8_40",[0]]; //Adds S8KOM Ammo
	_unit addWeaponTurret ["rhs_weap_s8",[0]]; //Adds S8KOM Weapon
	_unit addMagazine "rhs_mag_s8_40"; //Adds S8KOM Visually
	/* FABS
	_unit addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_fab250_2",[0]]; //Adds FAB250 Ammo
	_unit addWeaponTurret ["rhs_weap_fab250",[0]]; //Adds FAB250 Weapon
	_unit addMagazine "rhs_mag_fab250_2"; //Adds FAB250 Visually
	_unit addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_AM23_500",[0]]; //Adds Gsh23 Ammo
	_unit addWeaponTurret ["RHS_Weap_GSh23Lx2",[0]]; //Adds Gsh23 Weapon
	_unit addMagazine "rhs_mag_upk23_pod"; //Adds Gsh23 Visually

To summarize what is going on:
removeMagazinesTurret and removeWeaponTurret delete the ammo and weapon from the pilot slot [-1]. For copilot/gunner change to [0].
addMagazineTurret and addWeaponTurret create the ammo and weapon for the pilot slot [-1].
removeMagazine and addMagazine change the pylon visually. Note that under cfgmagazines there are unique pods for some weapons that are used instead of the weapon itself.

Finally, included above is only a small sample of what is possible. There are variants of the S8 that are Thermobaric and Tandemheat, FABs in 1/2/4s, UPK 250/500/1000rnds magazines and S5 rockets.
Edited by Morluck

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