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PR Update #1 [2016-11-14]

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CSA 38 Event

In December, we'll be having a CSA 38 Event. For those of you that are unaware, it is a WW2 Czech Mod that includes Germans.

More info on the mod itself can be found HERE. More info on the event will be posted in the future as we get closer to the actual event announcement.

Currently, mission makers are required, and any help is more than welcome.


If you'd like to contribute to this event, contact Headshot







Year In Review

In the beginning of November Haggerty began the long and tedious task of creating the year in review. The thing is though Haggerty needs your help.

In the past months leading up to the creation of the Year in Review, Haggerty’s been making Month In review videos. This has caused a "clip shortage" due to

the fact that you have all seen many of his videos. In short... Haggerty needs more unused clips, and that's where you guys come in. The YouTube FTP has returned.

For those of you who are unaware of this feature, it allows people to submit YouTube videos so that they can be used on the official UO Channel.


Upload clips into Haggerty’s “Year in Review” folder within the PR FTP (info below)


Requirements for submission:


Footage must be 30 fps or higher (60fps is preferred)

Footage must be 1080p or higher

Footage must be cinematic clips or action clips

Footage must have name in clip title, for credit purposes

Unedited clips only, i.e no montages

.MP4 format or converted to .MP4 only, please.


More information:

To access the FTP, you have to use a program like FileZilla

UnitedOperations PR/YouTube FTP Info Available here


Other FTP related information:

Haggerty has put together a folder called "Video Assets" within the PR FTP. Within it is a repository of UO related Video intros and other artwork for everyone to use.

At the time of this post there are 6 different UO video intro's that Haggerty has gathered. In each folder, there's a notepad, which is used to document updates and

features of items. Haggerty’s also uploaded a new version of the master PhotoShop PSD File which he will update frequently.







United Operations, Operation Turkey Puncher Event.

United Operations will be hosting a post-Thanksgiving TvT Event on November 26th. It's going to be different to how normal events are run.

The event will have the normal lineup of missions; however, one mission will be pre-slotted/planned Sign-Up and other information can be found HERE







ArmA 3 Vietnam Event Gauge of Interest.

Haggerty’s requesting the community's input in having an Unsung Vietnam Mod Event, He says that although there’s a lot of malice towards the Unsung ArmA 3 mod,

the quality is there with the Unsung charlie release and the jungle terrain of Tanoa.



If you have any questions about anything above please contact Headshot.

Edited by HeadShot

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I uploaded my stuff. Anyone within UO is free to use it.


Thank you.



We are going to have two Year In Review videos.


Wow, looking fantastic as usual. I think Haggerty's got some competition.

If you need any help from the PRO, feel free to contact me.



IF Light event would be fun now that its up to par with A3.


I'll look into this, get in touch with me on TS.

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We are going to have two Year In Review videos.



Honestly the more the merrier. I encourage all who have videos to upload them and make their own Year in Reviews, to increase Publicity/Public Exposure. (Not to mention they are pretty awesome to watch!)

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Really looking forward to these events! I have a shit ton of raw footage back home, I'll try to upload some stuff next week. 

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30FPS? Haha my rig is only capable of running the game in 15fps (in COOP)

Is interpolated 30fps good enough?

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Do other games/sims apply too? Plenty of BMS/DCS footage around.

 I'm looking only for ArmA 3 content, I'm sure fluffer might appreciate BMS Clips potentially. I think he has made UOAF Year in review type videos in the past.



30FPS? Haha my rig is only capable of running the game in 15fps (in COOP)


Is interpolated 30fps good enough?


If it comes out as being smooth like a 30fps video it should be fine. My original intent was to have a 60fps year in review, but with clip submissions I know that may not be possible. Long as people are able to submit smooth videos, it would be helping my self and probably cephei (if he needs clips Idk).

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