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Hero's Song

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Hero's Song is a game that plays like Diablo, in that you use the mouse to control your character's movement. It was released on Steam Early Access on November 7th.


Each game begins with the selection of various gods and goddesses in the different slots, and then assigning them ratings better or worse in the lineup. After this, the world is generated as small, medium or large depending on your choice, and as it is created it also adds various Points of Interest, Towns, and various Dungeons.


In addition to this, there is a timeline of history that occurs during world creation, sort of a background to the world if you will. Wars, Alliances, and Crowns being taken are all things that occur during this period.

After this, the game starts you in a town/village/city, whichever your Character's Race was.


I chose to play as an Avar Beastmaster, Avar being the Human folk.

Each server is currently hosted client-side for right now, but the devs have said they are working on a dedicated server right now.


The Server is called GOTR for those interested in joining.


My Steam username is EmyLights.

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