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development of tactics, techniques and procedures

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Hey folks,


I came up with this idea of a small group of motivated and curious people meeting up and train together to become better arma players.

So what is on my mind?


Current Situation: leadership and skills are not enforced enough to have a fluent gameplay, since ever people dont dare to take leadership

                                positions or fail tremendously ( like myself ) while taking them. People dont know what is expected of them, so they wait

                                for someone to tell them. Leaders communicate with people like they were conciousless-unthinking-one-action-at-a-time-robots.

Desired Situation: people are self confident about their capablilities and skillset, because they have evaluated it, tested it, practiced it.
                                Gameplay is fluent without interruption of leadership, everyone knows what to do. Silent harmony.

How can I imagine this to happen? Well, there are UOTC courses available, which gives a good basis of content, but not really practice.
                                                             How can one practice what he got taught? On the server, during an Operation? Partly, yea, but there

                                                             is a lot of distraction and unconscious sabotage reducing the effort that is being made.


I imagine people from UO come together and develop, test and practice tactics, techniques and procedures by themselves.

Instead of only learning something that one read somewhere for a similar situation, you can question it and see wheather it fits for this game

or even in real life.


How would this look like? Interested people would meet up on the server, a subject is being chosen, it is being exercised, critique is given, suggestions,

                                             concerns, discussions, testing, repeat. until there is a good or even better outcome for that subject.

How should this not look like? a person teaches a group of people what he thinks best of, which works for a situation with specified conditions, that are

                                                      not appropiate, because essential conditions are not given.



Subjects that I can think of with the focus on a Team vs.Team environment:


- fire and maneuver, fire and movement

- room clearing, stackless entries

- movement and fighting in urban and open terrain

- bounding overwatch, focus on usage of terrain

- individual tasks of squadroles/squad positions
- winning the firefight, rates of fire, suppression

- battledrills 1,2 etc.

- communications, choice of words, delivering information effectively

- communicating without radios.

Feel free to suggest subjects that you can think of and send me a message if you are interested in this kind of event.

Or start discussing here and convince me how much this is not needed on UO, because of x and y and z.




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I do think that this is needed in UO, and I will support both official and unofficial courses as there are people who could help that are not instructors.

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other subjects I can think of are:


- limited entry, dynamic entry for room clearing, on platoon, squad and teamlevel

- principles of patroling, allround security, halt procedures, slow bounds,

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Also quite interested. Some of these topics are familiar from my "Soldier's basic course" (is that misspelled? (copied from official site)) during my compulsory military service.

However, it's been a few years since I touched these topics, so I could use some brushing up.

Also, since I was a courier/driver, I did not get any leadership training. So, the SL/CO subjects are especially useful for me.

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first I want to focus on teammember duties and general concepts, when that is fluent and understood, we can move a step further up to leadership roles.

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This could be incorporated into the suggestion for *practical* leadership training, in my opinion. :)

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