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Karia Terrain

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Ive recently gotten into terrain building and to help me learn all the ins and outs I am making a very small terrain.
That terrain is Karia. set in mainland greece ill be using base A3 assets from altis and stratis. Im using a 1m cell size for a 2048mx2048m size. Ill be hand placing all the objects and hand building all the micro terrain.
Clutter will be a mix of traditional decaying clutter and some handplaced clutter as objects that wont decay. Dont worry it be pretty obvious which decay and which dont.
e.g. Short grass will decay but taller grass, branches, and bushes wont decay
Coordinates for real life city:  38°28'16.1"N  ,  22°59'53.6"E
It is again just a learning terrain and to test some ideas i have so i dont really expect it to be uploaded into the UO modpack. Although i will continue to create terrains that are going to be larger and in different settings as im having a lot of fun making this.
WIP Pictures









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Looks pretty nice. For a map that size you want some decent built up area and/or very dense terrain to allow for enough replayability/usability.

In other words: make use of the 1m terrain grid.


I would try to at least attempt to go the Schwemlitz way, and only use clutter that draws as full object, or if necessary use only decaying clutter that is light enough that it doesn't actually block vision.


To me thats one of the biggest issues with pretty much all other islands. 

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I like the island. The last upload you sent my way had all 500mb of the backups for the project file though.


If you are not already doing it, I would add ditches to all the roads.

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Pushed to @UOTEST_A3 on 9/27/2016.


Only intended as a performance test.

All object placement and clutter is complete.

Clutter and texture positions are placeholders until mask image is complete.

You might get an ILS error





Thanks for the feedback. I've sorta fixed the size issue. Its down to 80MB and i'm pretty sure i can get it smaller but am not entirely sure how to do that. Will keep looking into it.

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I'd reiterate what Lancer and Zumorc have said already in this thread about micro terrain and clutter objects. We learned a lot from doing Schwemltiz. 


Also if I ever get a free second I'd be more than happy to take a look at the terrain for you.  

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Thanks falcon! I certainly am learning alot the hard way and still have lots of questions. Ill be adding ditches on the roads in the final release.

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Karia is ready for release. Ill keep this thread open for Feedback and update news.


Download for newest version.


I'll still keep working on and improving it and any feedback you have will be heard and can easily be implemented.


link to BI forum thread.





















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It looks very neat, congrats :)


I have great respect for terrain builders. I tried myself to make a map, and since i didnt know a thing about terrain making, i decided to make something that tickled my fancy, the Fulda Gap, a 30 km2 snowy map. LOL it never happened, i threw everything away...

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Update Changelog (V1.1)


-Smoothed and lowered some hills to look more natural.

-Added 3 small forest to strategic points around town.

-Clutter improvements.


Have to make a quick fix. See next post for download link.

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Great job on the map, but looking at it from above makes it look like yams. 

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Update Changelog (V1.3) 


-Adjusted Satellite image.

-Flattened roads.

-Performance increase in town.

-Added concrete to town.

-Improved clutter performance.


Download Link

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