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ACRE2 and radio triggers

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I know that radio channel triggers are so Arma 2, but i loved them they are supersimple stuff and because they are impossible to trigger by mistake. 


Now that i started editing again i found out that i cannot use radio triggers again. Something prevents the creation of the radio channel which should be on a script like this

1 setRadioMsg "This will set the trigger";

which should create a Radio menu just below Support menu (the one that appears when you press the key left to the 1 key) and a Alpha Channel that will set the trigger.


I know there are workarounds to avoid using these triggers, but they are just soooo convenient...


AFAYK have they got deprecated?

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For anyone intrested, i have found the problem.


For some reason, the radio menu is only accessible with the 0 key, which ACE also assigns to weapon shouldering. Trying to create a special radio channel with the setRadiomsg command it creates an empty "Supports" action menu below "Support" which wont lead anywhere. You can only access the radio action menu with 0 only.


Normally when you have two actions assigned to the same key Arma tries to perform both (which is why i ruled out the possibility at first), but in this case it seems to make an exception. 


I also found out that -still having preset commands- if you press shift+0 you can access the Radio comm submenu (or let you choose the tenth submenu out of a list for that matter), but it wont try to place the weapon on your shoulder. 

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i know and i agree if it's contextual menu with externa object manipulation (open doo... op... ope... fuckit... OPEN DOO... im walking round the back exit).


but this is a one shot trigger i need to use, and the more explicitly intentional it is the better. When you go round with ACE interaction menu sometimes i miss my target, im not afraid to admit it. Nesting the choice inside ACE submenus is even worse, i keep having problem with these.There are things that have to be kept hidden inside a box and locked with a tiny key, and there's nothing better than pressing shift+0 / shift+0/ 1 to be really really sure you want to do this action, instead picking the wrong choice while trying to check your health. 

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