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Artillery - Compensating for Tilt of Gun

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Now, this is a question about Vanilla Arma 3, and the way that artillery is simulated. 

Say, a Scorcher is resting on a slight incline. One plugs all the necessary grids and elevations into a functional artillery calculator. Will the gun fire on target? Or will the operator have to manually compensate for the offset brought by the slight incline? The real question is, does Arma just use magic to make it seem like the projectile was fired from a flat surface, or does it take the offset into account with the projectile trajectory? 

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Short answer: Yes.


In real life artillery pieces, elevation instrumentation is usually attached to the tube on a mount that can move independent the chassis/carriage, and is able to be leveled and therefore give accurate measurements of the elevation of the tube. In digital fire control systems gyroscopes are used to calculate the actual elevation of the tube and not in relation to the terrain or carriage.

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