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Anyone else notice the similarity between these two?


Uncharted's Nate theme:



Canada A People's History theme:



I keep on remembering high school days when I play uncharted for some reason and I found out why the other day.

(PS. How many of y'all Canadians watched this in High school?)

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I got me some spotify playlists to have the right soundtrack for every situation:


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So many awesome soundtracks ! :biggrin:


Payday 2 :







Mass Effect :



Gives me shivers


(Technically not a soundtrack but too awesome to be left out)







So creepy :biggrin:





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Can you feel it? THE KILLER GROOVE.




Most ace combat soundtracks.




Above 2 for nostalgia.



When life gets you down.

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Forgot this one :


Zone of the Enders



Bring me back to my childhood so much I cried when I listened to it for the first time in 15 years.

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