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Arma 3 - IF: Liberation 1944 Event [2016-06-25] 1800Z

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Remember the last Arma 3 World War 2 Event at United Operations? Well, this one's going to be bigger and better.

We have a number of missions lined up for this event including both COOPs and TVTs

More information and sign-ups: HERE

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The event will take place on ArmA 3 - SRV1 on June 25th, 2016. To attend the event you must personally own a copy of Iron Front: Liberation 1944 & D-Day DLC, then follow the steps in the link bellow to convert you IF:Liberation 1944 to work with ArmA 3 as a mod and fill out the form.



IF:Liberation 1944 Conversion Guide:  HERE



Sign up form: HERE



The latest public release of ACE is also required: HERE

(Create a new folder/rename folder, DO NOT overwrite)


IJcXoNs.gif HERE


To fix the skybox issues, drop the files into your @IF Folder.


Ignore the addon 'aia_core' requires addon 'a3_air_f_gamma_uav_01' Error on launch.


Mod load order:

1. CBA


3. IF


5. IFA3m

6. IFA3

7. if other addons

8. ACE





If you have any questions contact Headshot or Haggerty

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