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Arma 3 Iron Front (WWII) - Gage of Interest *updated*

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Sorry to say mills, but the event came and went already.


Doesn't matter.  It was some much fun.

I say "Yes" too.

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Won't it be a bit dull watching Germans guarding disarmed Czechoslovakian soldiers?

Actually there was a fair bit of low level fighting in Czechoslovakia 1938-1939, if you wanted to make purely historical missions.






Things like the SDF insurgency would lend itself well to UO scale missions.


There was also the Slovak National uprising and Czech resitance fighters later in the war, who used a lot of old Czech gear.




The mod is also based around the idea that Fall Grün took place.



In general the mod also covers all early war WW2 gear for the Germans, which means you could cover a lot of other early war campaigns if another mod gets released in the future.




Thus ends my overly nerdy response to a joke post.




Do it again.



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I'm sorry I missed it.... can we have another event soon? I need some help with the install I borked it last time and missed the whole thing. But very interested in more WWII stuff. Maybe unsung mod too... ;) !!!

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Are there any plans for hosting a similar event this year? Perhaps using the IFA3LITE mod pack? If this is a possibility, let me know since I would be interested in building some missions for it.

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