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Waiting to spawn grenades

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Im trying to add to my gear script a command that will wait 2 minutes before spawning grenades in order to prevent fragging on mission start. Anyone know how I could do this?

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If you put a smoke grenade,chem light or anything else like that before the frag grenade in the gear script, that'll be thrown first. This might not be the best way put it'll work in case you can't find another way. Also, you could try using the safe start from one of AC 337's missions but you'll have to talk to him about that one. 

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[_unit] spawn {
_unit = _this select 0;
sleep 120;
(vestContainer _unit) addMagazineCargoGlobal ["HandGrenade",2];// frag grenade

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As something like 90% of our missions are using Olsen framework, will I go out on a limp and assume that you use the framework.


Olsen Framework is packed full of modules, one of them "anti_nd" helps with the problem of NDs. both with weapon and grenades.


You can find the module under missionroot\modules\anti_nd

It contains a settings.sqf where you can change different settings for the module.


To activate the module, you just have to add this line: #include "anti_nd\root.sqf" - To the file: missionroot\modules\modules.sqf


(remember to always use the newest version of the framework)

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