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UOAF Session 229 (BMS 4.33) - Saturday [2016-03-12, 1900z]

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UOAF Session 229 - Saturday [2016-03-12, 1900z]

Theater: Korea Theater of Operations (KTO) - Iron Fortress



Airborne Interdiction (AI)



On the Eastern side of the Korean Peninsula the DPRK's 1st Armored Brigand is conducting an offensive. This offensive is lead by 5 Tank Battalions comprised of around 90 T-62s. Our Package will disrupt, delay, or destroy this offensive through JSOW Airstrikes. The air picture is heavy with a flight of Mig-29S in the area, along with Mig-23s from Kangnung airbase. The Anti-Air threat is low with no detected SAM threats near the target area. Expect Shilka and Manpad threats from the T-62 Battalions.



Due to supply limitations at Kunsan, only 600 gallon tanks are available.

After this package Kunsan will be out of Aim-120s, make the ones you carry count.

The bullseye for this operation is Sengchon village. 
Chalis-2 E-2C AWACS is on station for picture calls.





Hornet4- 4-ship F/A-18C AI: Destroy enemy Armor with JSOWs. Hornet4 will be assigned to AI the western killbox labeled "Coke".

Falcon1- 4-ship F-16CM50 AI: Destroy enemy Armor with JSOWs. Falcon1 will be assigned to AI the eastern killbox labeled "Pepsi". 

Fury1 -  4-ship F-16CM50 ESCORT:  Protect Hornet4 and Falcon1 from enemy air threats.   *PACKAGE LEAD*






Alright listen up! 













Visibility around the FLOT is low except on the eastern coast. Expect good visibility around the target area.



We will be running BMS 4.33 in 64-bit mode. Theater is KTO. Bandwidth requirements for clients is at least 1024Kb/s.
Minimum Competencies
Meeshun JIP and is on Poh-da-gorsk

Gusy, DarkFib3r

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Changing to tentative.


I may have to take my daughter to the play Bad Kitty Live tomorrow. The joys of adult responsibility.

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exhilarating stuff, looks like I picked the best night to start practicing escort... :v


also cheers for our cargo pilots :D

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Nice re-supply flight in Flight Simulator! Looks like 120s are back on the menu boys!

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Scratch that ghost made it safely as well. He said he will post his results and proof of flight soon! Full load of 120's for everyone :P

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So, here's the link to screen shot showing take off and landing times. i will post the videos from twitch, but for the sake of everyones sanity, i will edit out the first attempts due to the sim crashing or my plane randomly exploding on take off (kadena base is full of craters by the way). then i will post the final highlights reel on youtube (take off, landing, that sort of thing)


If your feeling really crazy, i encourage you to try it, but check out your realism at the door. Here's some fun points on c-17 in BMS:

 - it doesnt fly well at all

 - the autopilot prefers to pitch up instead of stay on altitiude/heading, leaving it not just useless but dangerous.

 - while its possible to ramp start, the ramp start only seems to start up one engine and there is no option to run up/select the others. this meant i had to take off from taxi.




some pics in full: http://imgur.com/a/wtfO5

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Nicely done, guys! Kunsan will be fully restocked on the next mission because of your actions. And I like the mini-game challenge to resupply the base, that was fun to see!

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