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Fox D

Mission Suggestion Thread

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This thread is to give people with mission ideas a place to post those ideas and hopefully find a mission maker who is willing to run with their idea.


This thread is NOT for people to say "I want more air assault missions" or "I want more SF missions"


As such please follow the following guidelines as a minimum (Feel free to add more information)


  • When - Time period, Night/day etc. (Weather should be added here aswel)
  • Where - What island? Where on that island?
  • Who - What forces are involved? (BLUFOR/OPFOR/INDFOR etc)
  • What - What is the mission? What is the OBJ?
  • What - What are you willing to do to help make the mission? (If you dont know how to do anything just say that)

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  • When - User Adjustable
  • Where - Celle, Schwemlitz, Chernarus
  • Who - 1990s US Light/Mechanized/Air Assault Infantry vs Period appropriate Russian regular/Eastern European Irregular forces
  • What - Series of Patrols, Ambushes, Defenses, Delays, Raids, Attacks, and Air Assaults
  • What - Write Tactical OPORDs, assist and learn with mission making/scripting, help with loadouts, design concept of movement and manuver and overall mission/campaign scheme, and whatever else I can assist with!

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When - Dusk /Daytime


Where - i used CLAfghan in mine but it's not in UO mappack, i guess PR FATA should do fine (i never played on it but looks pretty similar to me)


Who - BLUFOR: US Army. OPFOR: Taliban/Afghani insurgent forces  


What1: QRF response to a surprise attack on an away FOB. I got inspiration by the battle of Wanat when i tried to make this mission, but my mission making skills are pretty subpar. It can be either done by placing friendly AI in said FOB resisting the OPFOR attack, or splitting the players between the FOB and the relief forces coming from the main base (this largely depends on how many players are supposed to play it). I also think that it could be interesting throwing some wrenches in the effort of the QRF to reach the FOB by taking into account the fact that the enemy knows which way help for the defending forces will be coming from. All in all, it could also turn into a fine TvT mission.


What2: I made this mission back in my A2 days. I can provide my own briefing and the general idea around it, as well as a few concept i thought of to make the mission a little deeper.

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When - 14-15 May Night

Where - Utes

What forces are involved? 1982 SAS (45 SAS with 1x FO and 2 paladins acting as the HMS Glamorgan on a carrier), 1982 Argentinian Military

What - Raid on Pebble Island, Destroying as many air-assets as possible within 90 minutes alloted

What - I have no skill in mission maker unfortuanately, I just would like to see Pebble Island return from A2

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If there is a mission maker who would be willing to help me transition an ARMA 2 version of a tank crew gunnery course to ARMA 3, please PM me. We can coordinate further from there.

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