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UOAF Session 227 (BMS 4.33) - Saturday [2016-02-27, 1900z]

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UOAF Session 227 - Saturday [2016-02-27, 1900z]

Theater: Korea Theater of Operations (KTO) - Iron Fortress







While our attention has been focused halting the DPRK nuclear threat, their ground forces have made advances. Along the western coast our paper-thin defensive forces were pushed aside by the 1st Mechanized Regiment(BTR+T-55). Before their assault the DPRK's 114th Airborne Battalion made a helo assault behind our forces in Gusijang(Codename DC) and took prisoner the remaining company of ROK infantry attempting to retreat. North of (DC) is the town of Daecheon(Codename Philly) which the 3rd Mech Battalion is holding in the rear of the assault. Further north in the towns of Gwangcheon(Codename New York) and Hongseong(Codename Boston) the 2nd Mech is holding in reserve along with a supply battalion and an artillery battalion.




Our mission today is to eliminate the 1st Mech Regiment along with the supporting Mech Battalions/Supply/Artillery Battalions through Airborne interdiction. Hornet3 flight is equipped with Eight AGM-154 JSOW Munitons each to halt the main advance. While there is a low chance of enemy air threat, it is expected that flight leads keep an element on CAP. Manpads and low altitude AA will be the only expected threat.



The bullseye for this operation is Hongseong city. 
Chalis-1 E-2C AWACS is on station for picture calls.






Hornet3- 4-ship F-16CM50 AI: This flight will destroy targets around DC/Philly with JSOW. *PACKAGE LEAD*

Cowboy1- 4-ship F-16CM50 AI: This flight will destroy targets around NY/Boston then help with DC/Philly.

Falcon1- 4-ship F-16CM50 AI: This flight will destroy targets around NY/Boston then help with DC/Philly.









Alright listen up!



















Heavy cloud cover start at 9kft over target area.



We will be running BMS 4.33 in 64-bit mode. Theater is KTO. Bandwidth requirements for clients is at least 1024Kb/s.
Minimum Competencies
Meeshun JIP and is on Poh-da-gorsk

Gusy, DarkFib3r

Edited by DarkFib3r

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In. Never employed JSOW. Should I practice and how?


Hi Slider,


There is an excellent JSOW tutorial in the BMS 4.33 training manual.  It's short, sweet, and will have you putting pigs on target in no time.

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Maybe for a Hornet.  The evening before is the day we earn our flight suits, so I'll probably be *incredibly* hungover.  If I'm functional I'm in though. 

And obviously wearing a flight suit.

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Not in, and sorry for the question Do I need to download KTO? It has been a long time since I have participated in an event, and I hope to make it to next weeks.

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Tentatively in. Will go where there is space; do not flex up the package to accommodate me, I will pull awacs if no slots are available

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in portugal with family (fucker is cold this time of the year, might as well have stayed in denmark). Enjoy bombing the east coast!

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