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UOAF Session 225 (BMS 4.33) - Saturday [2016-02-13, 1900z]

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UOAF Session 225 - Saturday [2016-02-13, 1900z]

Theater: Korea Theater of Operations (KTO) - Iron Fortress



While your strike on the P'yongsan Nuclear plant succeeded, operatives and satellite recon suspect that the DPRK was able to get at least one nuclear-capable warhead out of the facility. There is confirmation that the warhead is currently being fitted to a Scud launcher in the Scud-C Factory on the western outskirts of Pyongyang. Ladies and gentlemen, this city has one of the densest IADS in the world; you can expect SA-2s, SA-3s, and SA-5s, along with radar controlled AAA to protect this site. But that factory must be destroyed at all costs.
Enemy air power is on high alert.  MiG-29S' from Sunan are the primary threat, but MiG-29As from Mirim and MiG-23s from Kwail also pose a threat. Although the DPRK air defenses have been weakened, they are still potent around the DPRK capital. The only good news is that your concerted efforts have opened a corridor to Pyongyang from the south, making this mission slightly better than a suicide run.
Ingress from the south, suppress enemy air defenses and air power, and get the strikers on target. You have EA-18G Growler ECM support, which should keep the SAMs from acquiring you. If the Growler support should fail, here is what you can expect:


The bullseye for this operation is Sariwon city. 
Chalis-1 E-2C AWACS is on station for picture calls.



Cowboy1- 4-ship F-16CM50 STRIKE: This flight will destroy the Scud-C factory with JDAMs.

Falcon1- 4-ship F-16CM50 SEAD: This flight will neutralize SA-2s, SA-3s and SA-5s.

Fury1- 2-ship F-16CM50 ESCORT: This flight will protect the package from enemy air threats and will support Hornet8.

Hornet8- 2-ship F/A-18C ESCORT: *PACKAGE LEAD* This flight will protect the package from enemy air threats.








Alright listen up!



















We will be running BMS 4.33 in 64-bit mode. Theater is KTO. Bandwidth requirements for clients is at least 1024Kb/s.
Minimum Competencies
Meeshun JIP and is on Poh-da-gorsk

Gusy, DarkFib3r

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out... sadly. got the new place but I won't be fully set up till the end of the weekend :/ have fun dodging darts!

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