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Addon Request Discussion

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Please use this fourm to discuss current addons, existing addons, or new and upcomming addons for inclusion in the UnitedOperations modpack.

For any new thread about addon discussion, inclusion, and or modification, please use the ADDON Tag when creating your post.


Addons that will be considered for addition typically require new or unique gameplay or functionality with a focus on realism.


Reskins are to be avoided, we have a number of reskin addons in our modpack already that we maintain ourselves. If there are reskins that you would like to see included, feel free to suggest or prepare them for inclusion to our existing reskin mods.


Addon Dependencies are to be avoided unless it is already to content that we are using. We are unlikely to add any landmass or addon that has a large inheritance or secondary dependency group.


Sound Addons - In general all sound addons will be declined as they are disastrous to online performance in how they are created. There are multiple threads discussing these issues over the last 5 years. While some of these addons may be newly discovered by yourself, please search before you put up an suggestion on content that has already been discussed in the past.


Before posting an addon request go through this check-list and answer each question in your post:

  • Have you tried the mod with our modpack?
  • Were there any RPT errors produced?
  • Is the mod still maintained by the developer?
  • What is the mod's file size unpacked?
  • What does the mod add that warrants it's addition to our mod pack?
  • If it is vehicle related is it compatible with RHS vehicles? 
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