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Add Whisper as a Regular?  

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Greetings United Operations,


My name is Peter, a.k.a. Whisper Von Mecklenburg, and I would like to become a Regular here at UO.


I joined the community as a member in August 2013 and since then my time has been primarily dedicated to ARMA, as well as official games supported by United Operations. I also also enjoy playing the 'unofficial' flavours of the week/month, be it Squad, EU4, Sins of a Solar Empire or any other game provided by the barracks masses.


Recently I was invited to join the United Operations Training Center as a Junior Instructor. Teaching the basics of UO tactical gameplay to sometimes more experienced individuals. I enjoy the challenge, even if my lessons might run a little long. My induction into the Training Center heavily influenced my own desire to become a regular and contribute more towards this community.


As far as contributions to the community go I have developed a few missions for ARMA. I actively try to help Missions Makers who require assistance in the scripting scene, be it in understanding or fleshing out a new concept they are trying out.


I currently only have one 'working' mission live on the server. CO16 Getting Dumped V2. This was due to the recent AiA dependency issue and I have only recently got some free time to fix all of these which I will be doing so in the coming days.


CO16 Getting Dumped V2


I have zero prior bans or warning points against me.


The main reason I wish to become a regular is to have my own opinions discussed and possibly applied to the community.


The structured gameplay at UO is something I have always admired and I would like to continue on this path as a Regular. This does not mean playing 'only' on special days.


Here is a link to my personal review thread.







P.S. No that isn't a picture of me. My beard is less impressive.

This poll requires a 2/3 vote lasting 1 week.

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Whisper you are a good man, very well spoken and mature. I vote yes.


A big yes from me.


That's a solid regular poll.I support this, yes.

What they said. Yes

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While I find your presence on the game server to be generally unoffensive, I cannot recall anything about you that makes you a stand out candidate. No.

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